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This War of Mine covered its costs in two days

11 Bit Studios' unflinching war game finds both commercial and critical success

This War of Mine was in profit after just two days on sale, according to data released by its developer, 11 Bit Studios.

No specific sales figures were released, but This War of Mine has done business in some 92 countries, with the US, Germany, Russia and the UK its biggest markets. The game has also been well received by the Steam community, with 96 per cent of user reviews giving a positive assessment - the highest of any game on Valve's ubiquitous PC retail platform.

This War of Mine's success is particularly heartening given its subject matter: a civilian-level survival simulation set during an unnamed military conflict, developed with the help of the War Child charity. As such, it is the antithesis of the way war is generally depicted in games.

It is also evidence that piracy needn't be the absolute enemy of doing business as a developer. 11 Bit Studios gave out free Steam codes to pirates, asking only that they shared any positive thoughts as they circulated the game among their peers.

In part, this strategy was informed by the need to raise awareness of the issues at the core of the experience, but a portion of the positive feedback on Steam may well have come from those who received the game for free.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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Latest comments (3)

Rajveer Kothari Associate Game Designer, Zynga6 years ago
This is just fantastic news! I purchased the game just yesterday on the Steam sale and played it for a couple of hours. One of the things that I love to talk about the game is that the developers did not build a tutorial at the start of the game as they thought that war is unpredictable and so is survival during a war. With that idea, they wanted players to discover the game and learn it on the go.

The learning curve is not too steep and there is always quite a tension to keep you attentive to the needs of the civilians you are protecting. Good job 11 Bit Studios and wishing you more success on the title! :)

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Rajveer Kothari on 28th November 2014 12:26pm

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Eric Schittulli Head of Customer Service, Aeria Games Europe6 years ago
Awesome game. Got 30h of playtime on it and gifted a copy on steam to a friend.
The choices & consequences can be heartbreaking or rewarding.

A good game, emotionally charged with a simple but solid gameplay.

I want more.

Thank you 11 Bit Studios !
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany6 years ago
This is a good message because we really need more games like this. Games that get under your skin and hit you hard with their story.
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