Adobe clarifies #gamergate stance

"We are not and have never been aligned with Gamergate"

Following a brief confusion over some tweets by a Gawker reporter Adobe has chosen to clarify its position on Gamergate, coming out as definitively not aligned with the movement.

"We are not and have never been aligned with Gamergate," it said in a public post.

"We reject all forms of bullying, including the harassment of women by individuals associated with Gamergate. Every human being deserves respect, regardless of gender, orientation, appearance, personal hobbies or anything else that makes individuals who they are."

The statement comes after Adobe asked Gawker to remove a logo from its site following a joke about bullying made by one of its reporters.

"Last week, a Gawker writer tweeted 'bring back bullying.' He, and later I, made the tactical mistake of publicly treating Gamergate with the contempt and flippancy that it deserves. As a consequence, our advertisers were quickly inundated with the same kinds of emails that spooked Intel," explained Gawker's Max Read.

"Adobe wrote to one Gamergater on Twitter that it had asked Gawker to remove its logo from the advertising site because it did not support bullying."

In this latest post, Adobe explained the situation from its point of view.

"One of our employees innocently responded to one of these tweets saying we don't advertise on Gawker, that we asked them to remove our logo and that we don't condone bullying. Unfortunately, that tweet was perceived to support Gamergaters and created a firestorm on Twitter," it said.

"Later that day we tried to clarify our position but clearly we were not explicit enough."

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Craig Burkey Software Engineer 7 years ago
That article by Gawker is disgusting, they accept no responsibility for their own actions.
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Well done Adobe. Not just a real apology but a strong repudiation of any support for that idiotic Gamergate tantrum. If only Intel had been so forthright.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jessica Hyland on 29th October 2014 10:22am

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Craig Burkey Software Engineer 7 years ago
Yeah, I agree Jessica, I commend them for their strong stance against idiocy on both sides, or though I thought that was pretty much what Intel meant even if they didn't explicitly say they didn't support Gamergate, I think you can take that as a given. I find both companies are pretty in sync with my thinking.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Craig Burkey on 29th October 2014 10:11am

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