Google reveals Nexus Player

Preorders for $99 Android TV set-top box open this week, device goes on sale Nov. 3

Google is partnering with Asus to introduce a new set-top box to its Nexus line of Android-powered devices. The company has announced its new Nexus Player will be available for preorder this Friday.

Beyond being a streaming media device, the Nexus Player will also let users play games on an HDTV with the addition of an optional game pad. It will run Lollipop, the latest Android OS update, on a 1.8GHz quad core Intel Atom processor and requires users have a Wi-Fi connection. It will also sync with users' other devices so they can start playing a game or watching a movie on a phone and pick it up on the Nexus Player, or vice versa.

According to a re/code report, the device will sell for $99, with the controller available separately for $39. Both will launch November 3.

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Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments4 years ago
Interesting that it's not an ARM cpu.
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As a Chromecast owner, and keen to get rid of devices around my TV - I'm not really sure why they have done this at all. But at least it also doubles as a Chromecast device.

Still, with controller this is likely to be $250 in Australia. At least it runs Lollipop... might be tempted.
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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee4 years ago
As a Chromecast owner, and keen to get rid of devices around my TV - I'm not really sure why they have done this at all.
For those who are not Chromecast or even Tablet owners I would suspect, or for those who don't want to use a handheld for TV content.
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Chris Thornett Editor at Future Publishing 4 years ago
Here's hoping Google manages to get some decent features: something like 7-day catchup, on demand and programme recording via cloud storage, plus it's going to need some solid content deals.
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