Future to close Official Nintendo Magazine and website

Staff to be 'redeployed' elsewhere in company

Future Publishing has announced the closure of Official Nintendo Magazine and its attendant website, with the last issue, the 114th, to go on sale this month. The website will be shut down on November 11.

The magazine's subscribers will have their subscriptions transferred automatically to Gamesmaster magazine if they're not cancelled before October 17. Future has promised to try and find ONM staff jobs elsewhere in the company, insisting that the closure is not part of the recent wave of redundancies which have struck the publisher.

"The last issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, which launched in the UK in 2002, will be in stores on 14th October," reads a statement on the ONM website. "Throughout its tenure, Official Nintendo Magazine has continued to bring fans, news, interviews, previews and reviews on both new and retro Nintendo hardware and software.

"Nintendo will continue to speak directly to fans via Nintendo Direct, our social media and online channels and public events.

"Nintendo UK and Future will continue to work closely on future projects across, CVG, Edge, Kotaku UK and Gamesmaster."

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matthew bennion Web Development 3 years ago
I loved this magazine and was a regular reader during the Wii's life span such a shame!

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 3 years ago
I thought this magazine had ceased publication a few years ago but it turns out that was Nintendo Power. I had always thought that was the only official Nintendo magazine but I wasn't taken into account the UK mags .
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Shane Sweeney Academic 3 years ago
We really need to keep working hard to archive digital copies of every video game publication.
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