Kim Kardashian: Hollywood dominates iOS in July

App Annie data shows game was most downloaded on App Store, placed 10th for monthly revenues

The Worldwide App Annie Index for July 2014 has revealed that Glu was the top publisher by worldwide iOS game downloads and tenth by worldwide iOS game revenue. The publisher's success has been driven by the "meteoric rise" of choose-your-own-adventure Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which was the most downloaded title on iOS in July.

App Annie noted that Glu was able to build buzz with positive mainstream coverage of the new Kardashian game. In fact, the title almost immediately earned a spot in the top 5 for United States iPhone overall downloads after launch. App Annie noted that the game saw over 68,000 reviews in the month of July, which was more than all the other new releases in the iOS top 10 by downloads combined. The report further speculates that Kardashian's success "could open the floodgates for future celebrity-publisher partnerships."

While Kardashian definitely gave publisher Glu a big boost, it was the usual suspects - Supercell, King and GungHo - who brought in the lion's share of revenues among mobile game companies. App Annie's charts for the top companies and top mobile games follows below.


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James Berg Games User Researcher, EA Canada3 years ago
Played it for a while, to see what the buzz was about, and it's fairly disappointing. Pretty much a straight treadmill game, with minimal gameplay. Some coercive behaviour exploiting loss aversion by players (girl/boyfriend leaving), and very in-your-face premium purchases. A win for celebrity marketing I guess :(
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Daniel Mesonero Producer 3 years ago
I agree that the gameplay isn't going to win any innovation prizes, but the onboarding is phenomenal, the dialogue a lot more daring than expected, and general user flow is both smooth and engaging. I really respect the effort that went into that part.
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