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Bomb scare on SOE head's plane tied to DDOS attacks

Smedley's flight diverted after group targeting Sony, Blizzard tweets about explosives on board; FBI investigating

A number of online services experienced trouble this weekend, as a group of hackers claimed responsibility for downtime of Blizzard's, Riot Games' League of Legends, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. The same group also reported a bomb scare on an American Airlines flight carrying Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley, causing the plane to be diverted and searched.

Smedley confirmed the incident on Twitter, saying, "Yes. My plane was diverted. Not going to discuss more than that. Justice will find these guys." An SOE representative also provided comment to ShackNews, saying, "I can confirm that at this time the FBI is handling this directly."

Sony and Blizzard both issued statements acknowledging that recent network disruptions were due to distributed denial of service attacks, but stability in both cases has since improved. Sony also said it has found no evidence that network security had been compromised or users' personal information accessed. However, the attacks have caused Sony to cancel scheduled downtime for maintenance that had been planned for today.

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 7 years ago
I read about this yesterday. When I saw a title saying PSN was down again due to DDOS attacks I wasn't even alittle surprised. But when I read the other story about the threats against one of Sony's presidents plane I was a bit baffled. Having networks getting taking down due to this is bad enough but threating a person's life is going way too far. Whatever it is he did that they are blaming him for couldn't have been that bad. Unless they're blaming him for Sony's very boring E3 conference and equally lackluster Gamescon show. Those dissappointed me too but not to the extent of threatening someones life.
A number of online services experienced trouble this weekend......... and Xbox Live.
I didn't have any issues at all this weekend on XBL. Other than Titanfall's servers occassionally cutting out it was pretty smooth sailing.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Paul Jace on 26th August 2014 3:07am

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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany7 years ago
People doing this crap for show (my opinion about the motivations after seeing the storm of clown BS their twitter page is) and being so sad in life that you have to try and ruin the fun of others is one thing.
But a bomb threat is a different thing. They are not getting away with this stuff.
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