335,000 attended this year's Gamescom

700 exhibitors at the Cologne show this year

The numbers are in and this year Gamescom in Cologne attracted 335,000 attendees from 88 countries. This included 31,500 trade visitors, a six per cent rise on last year.

"The Gamescom is the most important platform for the European computer and video games industry," said Koelnmesse CEO Gerald Böse.

"The increase on the exhibitor side, both in terms of the absolute number as well as the international, underscores that clear. As organiser of the fair, we are pleased that the Gamescom is set as a firm date in the industry. For the location Cologne the Gamescom is also of great importance, because the computer and video games industry is an industry of the future, which provides a boost for the fair site Cologne."

Gamescom's figures also show that 6,000 media types attended from 58 countries and 700 exhibitors from 47 countries showed off their products.

"Gamescom 2014 was a complete success for the exhibitors and a great feast for the fans of digital games," added Dr. Maximilian Schenk, Managing Director of BIU - The German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software.

"This year's Gamescom has shown the increasing importance of digital games. After the presentation of the new generation of consoles in the past year, 2014 the fantastic new game worlds were in focus at Gamescom and which could be, for the first time, tested out by the players themselves. The industry goes after Gamescom very confident into the second half of 2014."

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Latest comments (6)

Steve Wetz Reviewer/Assistant Editor, Gamer's Glance7 years ago
Jeez, that's 334,999 more people than showed up to Video Game Con in DC...
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Rupert Loman Founder & CEO, Gamer Network7 years ago
On the flip side, the queues were much more pleasant at VGC...
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Arjen Meijer Owner, RedCell7 years ago
It felt like a lot more than last year, and as every year, I suggest the exhibitors put beanbags in the ques and give those who wait mobile games to try out or something. Can't imagine how they survive 8 hour long waiting times.
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Benn Achilleas CEO and Founder, Playabl7 years ago
How many attend E3?
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Benn, E3 is industry only and the attendee counts are based on registration whereas Gamescon is open to the public (all ages) and attendees are counted anew every day. If the same 100,00 people attended all 3 days, they'd be counted as 300,000 attendees.

The Tokyo Game Show is closer to Gamescon in terms of attendance and ticketing policy than is E3.

But to answer your question, ~50,000 industry people attend E3 every year.
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Adam Jordan Community Management/Moderation 7 years ago
I was one of them and boy was it crazy, certainly crazier than 3 years ago when it was 280,000

Unfortunately however I still have the same issue with Gamescom that I had in 2011, I feel it's too closed off. It's fantastic for networking and I got to meet some awesome people this year but the most I got out of my two days was watching the LCS after a good hour of queueing and standing up.

If anything, I think Gamescom or at least exhibitors would benefit more if the gigantic black walls were shortened to the point that passers-by could look in or even watch while waiting then it would be more visitor friendly and certainly more viral/social friendly...otherwise you may as well start calling Gamescom - Queue Simulator
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