Xbox One hits China September 23

Basic console to cost about $600, Kinect bundle with extra games to sell for nearly $700

The first foreign console approved for sale in China since the lifting of a 14-year ban will arrive September 23. Microsoft today announced the launch date and pricing plans for the Xbox One's arrival in the country, along with a number of details about the software lineup.

The Xbox One will launch in China in two bundles, one with the motion-sensing Kinect camera and one without. The Kinect-less package will include the basic system, Powerstar Golf, and Neverwinter Online for 3,699 RMB ($599). The Day One limited edition bundle will include the basic package's offerings plus Kinect, a Day One-branded controller, and two additional games: Kinect Sports Rivals and Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year. That bundle will cost 4,299 RMB ($697).

Standard games in China will cost between 99 RMB ($16) and 249 RMB ($40), although the system will also play host to a number of free-to-play titles as well. Microsoft has confirmed Western publishers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and 2K are planning to launch Xbox One titles in China, with local developers like Perfect World, Gamebar, Yingpei Games, NetEase, Tencent, and Snail Games also working on the platform. Microsoft also officially launched its ID@Xbox indie developer program in China today, giving small development teams around the world another audience to sell games to.

As elsewhere in the world, Xbox One is being positioned as an all-in-one games and entertainment device in China. Microsoft is partnering with IPTV company BesTV to provide TV, movies, and sports content for the system. In addition, Microsoft is bringing its entire Xbox Fitness program to China, and will feature apps for a number of local services, including QQ Music, Douban FM, GameFY, and Karaoke Master. It is also introducing its Xbox Live Gold service alongside the system, giving all early adopters free access to the subscription service through March of next year.

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Latest comments (1)

Payton Liu Production Support Analyst, IBM China3 years ago
Right, so one of my concerns came true - the price (much more expensive than US).

I just did a quick search on the biggest on-line shop ( of China, and the lowest price tag is:

Around 3,150.00 RMB (or $510.31 US dollars), including the XBOX ONE console (US version) without Kinect + shipping charge (express post to most places in China).

On the other hand, Chinese people can buy even cheaper ones at Hong Kong:

$3680.00 HK dollars (2930.95 RMB or $474.83 US dollars), including the XBOX ONE console + Kinect (US version). This price beats the official Chinese version (4,299 RMB) by more than 1,000.00 RMB. In addition, it's quite easy to buy the game "Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year" within $300.00 HK dollars (or 240.00 RMB) at Hong Kong since Microsoft has hard time competing with Sony at that city, which has been a Nintendo/Sony place for decades. (In case you ever wondered why XBONE is selling cheap in Hong Kong.)

In light of recent China government investigation into Microsoft China operations (all major offices were raided by government officers), this pricing strategy doesn't look good to me.

And we haven't touch other potential issues (censorship, contents, games, etc.) just yet...

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Payton Liu on 31st July 2014 3:23pm

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