Bungie pays Halo composer $95k over dismissal

Marty O'Donnell compensated for unpaid work, vacation and damages

Halo composer Marty O'Donnell will be paid $95,000 by Bungie to settle a lawsuit over his dismissal.

According to a report on Venturebeat, the settlement includes $38,385 in unpaid work and vacation time, and the same amount again in damages. Along with legal fees and interest the grand total is $95,019.13. The hearing took place in King County, Seattle.

If you've ever played Halo you know O'Donnell's work, so it came as a surprise when Bungie took the decision to end his 14 years with the company in April. An official statement released by Bungie described it as a parting, "as friends." However, in a tweet at the time, O'Donnell said he was "saddened" by his termination, "without cause."

O'Donnell started legal proceedings against Bungie chief executive Harold Ryan in June. The value and nature of the settlement indicates that O'Donnell received the compensation he was looking for - compensation, it should be noted, that Bungie claimed it didn't owe - though the suit mentioned "other grievances against Bungie and Ryan" that would be pursued through arbitration.

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Latest comments (4)

Kevin Patterson musician 3 years ago
Sad to see Marty is not with Bungie anymore. The man has his own musical style and his soundtracks were always great and
didn't sound alike anyone else. I'm sure he will have no problem finding other work to utilize his great talents.
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Pete Thompson Editor 3 years ago
His soundtracks are what made myself and other Halo players become so engaged in the game and helped to define the Halo series..
I normally turn in-game music off, but with Halo it was always turned up..
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 3 years ago
Gotta agree with Pete, Halo wouldn't be Halo without Marty's music. I have four of his Halo soundtracks in my collection and yes I even rock them in my car. Anyway, it's good to see he was justly compensated and hopefully he ends up somewhere else soon so we can all continiue listening to his amazing musical scores.
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Eric Leisy VR Production Designer, Nike3 years ago
I was / am a big fan of the Halo music, and it was definitely part of the Halo identity - I dont think we will ever hear it, but I'm curious what the other side of this story is.
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