Atari prepping LGBT-themed Pridefest

Company reveals first effort in push for diverse audiences, a parade-organizing sim for mobile devices

When Atari laid out its new corporate strategy last month, the company put the LGBT community first on its list of new markets and audiences to target. Today Atari officially announced its initial effort on that front, Pridefest.

Described as a "social-sim game" for tablets and smartphones, Pridefest lets players organize pride parades in cities of their own design. Beyond the work customizing floats and decorations, players will also have a variety of social and personalization options, letting them visit each other's cities and outfit their avatars however they choose.

"We are excited to be developing Atari's first LGBT-themed game that will give players of all backgrounds the chance to play a fun and unique game that represents a passionate cause," said Atari COO Todd Shallbetter. "We will continue offering a variety of games that are inclusive for all Atari fans and Pridefest is another example of how we are doing that."

The push for LGBT audiences is just one of Atari's numerous efforts to expand into new markets. The company has also identified social casinos, real-money gambling, and YouTube as areas where it wants to establish a presence. Earlier this month, it revealed a partnership with restaurant chain Denny's which saw a handful of Atari arcade classics re-skinned with Denny's menu items and released on mobile platforms.

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Iain Stanford Experienced Software Engineer, Tinderstone3 years ago
I don't know whats worse, that comment Christian....or the fact that people are starring it.
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Your right @Christian - color me confused. We have been running press releases from Atari/Infogrames about their gambling and gaming business moves - as have others :

No one from Atari PR corrected us when we ran the Licensed Gaming Betting Terminal (LGBT) statement - then this weird press release turns up from this morning and still no confirmation from Atari?

How the mighty have fallen, on one side the outstanding legal battle in France over the collapse of Atari/Infogrames and a call for executives in the dock - while at the same time the rush to make money out of the remaining IP - what a mess!
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Ben Mathis Art Director & Co-Founder, Snjohus Software3 years ago
There is a difference between mass-consumption media claiming full customization and targeting everyone that continues to leave out a minority group, and a game specifically targeting a minority group containing only that group.

As hard as you are trying to make the point, heterophobia is never going to be a thing.
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Show all comments (6)
Equality means treating everybody in the same way.
No it doesn't. Equality means everyone gets the same rights and opportunities and respect as each other, even if this means offering more opportunities to historically disadvantaged groups, not 'dominant group gets to whine like entitled babies any time a minority group gets something aimed specifically at them for once'.

Also, I've never encountered a Pride event that disallowed heterosexual people from participating based on their sexuality so I think you're searching a bit too strenuously for 'bigotry' that doesn't exist.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jessica Hyland on 19th July 2014 9:32am

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People deserve respect until they do something bad enough to warrant losing that respect. Hating on someone because of something intrinsic to them like their sexuality, race or gender is bigotry and rightly to be denounced. Hating on someone for displaying bigoted behaviour and saying hurtful bigoted things etc is, to a certain degree, warranted. It's how society evolves; by shaming harmful idiots.

But I digress. If you're going to completely ignore my point and whinge about my tone instead, try just not posting a comment. I guarantee we can all survive without yet another nugget of wisdom from you on this kind of topic.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 3 years ago
Christian Keichel writes,
You don't want to give Nintendo the right to aim their game at heterosexual people, you deny them the right you claim for other people....
Two things you should think about here:

1. Did Nintendo come out and say, with the game in question, that their audience is hetrosexual people? Or did they imply that it's for "everyone"?

2. What actions are blocked by Atari in Pridefest that prevent non-LGBT expressions in the game that parallel allowed LGBT expressions?
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