Staff walkout at Crytek UK over unpaid wages - report

Sources claim as many as 100 people have submitted formal grievance letters

Crytek UK's failure to pay its staff has sparked an employee walkout, according to a new report from Kotaku.

Four people connected to Crytek's UK studio - formerly knows as Free Radical Design - have confirmed that staff have not been fully paid, with two sources indicating that some of those affected have submitted formal grievance letters and refused to return to work.

One source has claimed that the boycott involves as many as 100 people, which would be the bulk of the studio's headcount. The proportion of those people that intend to return when the situation is resolved is not clear, but Kotaku's report suggests that Deep Silver - which is publishing Crytek Uk's current project, Homefront: The Revolution - may offer a lifeline in order to protect its investment.

Certainly, all the available information points to little or no work being done on Homefront for the time being, so some form of intervention from Deep Silver may be necessary if the game is to be completed.

At present, however, Crytek has not even acknowledged the existence of a problem. Reports of trouble at the Crysis developer started to surface two weeks ago, which suggested that Crytek as a whole was on the brink of bankruptcy, with its staff in the UK and Bulgaria going unpaid. It was also suggested that the company was courting takeover bids from Wargaming and an unnamed Chinese company.

In response, Crytek had this to say: "Regardless of what some media are reporting, mostly based on a recent article published by GameStar, the information in those reports and in the GameStar article itself are rumors which Crytek deny."

We have contacted Crytek for clarification on all of the above.

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 7 years ago
Good luck to all my friends in there, both those who are seeking new ventures and those who are holding on.
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Hopefully Deepsilver offer Friends with benefits so Homefront 2 gets to be made
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 7 years ago
It'd be a royal shame to this game to under. It looks way better than the first one, and their modeling of Philly is excellent

In the e3 trailer, I wonder if it was in our pores that the Koreans took over on pe of the very first Dave and Bustpsters by the vantage point :)
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 7 years ago
I'm much more concerned with the unpaid workers than I am with rather or not Homefront 2 gets finished and released.

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Jamie Read 3D Artist, Neon Play Ltd7 years ago
I agree Paul. It's always bad to read articles like this and you can't blame people striking out from frustrution after not receiving pay, or jumping ship entirely. Good luck to all of those affected.
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Adam Jordan Community Management/Moderation 7 years ago
Wow such a shame and good luck to all that are affected. I always considered Crytek to be decent to its employees but perhaps I should re-evaluate
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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee7 years ago
I'm not too bothered about Home Front 2 either, UK industry especially with bigger studios has been incredibly shaky over the past few years, more jobs are at stake. Sadly, these reports seem to fly in the face of those insisting nothing is wrong, if there is perhaps it time to sort this all out. Best of luck for the staff x
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