Airtight Games shuts its doors - report

Dark Void developer hits the wall, equipment is sold off at Redmond office

Airtight Games, the Seattle studio behind Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum, has closed its Redmond headquarters, suggesting that the studio has ceased operations entirely.

According to a report on GeekWire, Airtight's offices were closed yesterday morning, with signs confirming the closure of the studio and advertising the sale of its equipment. The company's most recent game, Murdered: Soul Suspect, was launched last month to indifferent critical reception.

The Airtight website is still operational, but there have been signs of trouble at the studio for several months. In March, it laid off 14 people as part of, "necessary restructuring."

The following month, it lost perhaps its most high-profile employee when creative director Kim Swift left to join Amazon Game Studios.

We have reached out to Airtight for more information. Check back for updates.

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If true, than that suck's, I liked Murdered: Soul Suspect, and felt it was nice to see a company try a different kind of game, and I wish all the best to all the people affected by this.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 3 years ago
Good luck to all those affected and hope you all find a place to continue following your passion.
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Eric Leisy VR Production Designer, Nike3 years ago
Sorry to hear that guys. I just picked up Murdered: Soul Suspect last night. It's a nice odd and quirky game. Cheesy, but not unenjoyable.
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Benjamin Crause Supervisor Central Support, Nintendo of Europe3 years ago
That is pretty bad. The game is fun so far and something different for a good change. We need more of those different games.
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