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Nintendo re-elects Satoru Iwata as president

As Mario Kart 8 hits 2 million sales

Nintendo has re-elected Satoru Iwata as president at its Annual Shareholders Meeting in Japan.

The news came from IGN and shows the company still has confidence in Iwata, despite a declining confidence rating and recent health concerns. Iwata did not attend this AGM this year or E3 for medical reasons.

"I have no choice but to miss the company's very important activity, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, to be held this month. As the president of the company, I regret that I cannot attend the meeting," he said ahead of his absence.

"However, I understand that I have to prioritise my medical treatment and to recover as soon as possible so that I will again be able to do my best to help the company to grow. I hope that you understand."

The AGM also revealed the news that Mario Kart 8 is celebrating a worldwide sell-through of two million units, not bad considering the game was only released for Wii U on May 29.

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Latest comments (8)

Steve Wetz Reviewer/Assistant Editor, Gamer's Glance7 years ago
Satoru Iwata shown here bribing board member the Honorable D. Kong for his vote.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Steve, it apparently worked too.

2 million. Isn't that what Polygon said the game would sell after its first year on the market?
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Sasha Yelesin Student 7 years ago
I like Iwata because he doesn't act like a businessman. It's that approach that pushed me towards a Wii U even though I've never been a "Nintendo guy." Sony and Microsoft and EA and Ubisoft, etc., only seem to care about money, and Nintendo is a business too, but they don't remind me every time they open their mouths. I'm happy to see that won't change for the time being.
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Nick Wofford Hobbyist 7 years ago
Sasha, I'd certainly agree that Nintendo doesn't seem to care about money.

This is a bad decision in my opinion. Iwata's done nothing but lose money for years, and his "please understand" lectures are getting old.
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
John McCaul Web Developer, DevPhase.Net7 years ago
Nick, he brought the DS and Wii to market both are Nintendo top selling systems and industry top selling systems and he has turned around the fortunes of the 3DS. Let's not forget that he has kept Nintendo as one of the largest software publishers in the handheld and console games industry.
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Rogier Voet IT Consultant 7 years ago
A shame because Nintendo keeps sleeping and still has not awakened. Yes Mario Kart is incredible (it will not save the Wii U).
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 7 years ago
If they had voted him out I'm wondering who they would have elected in his place. Something tells me Miyamoto wouldn't want the job despite being an obvious favorite.
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Nick Wofford Hobbyist 7 years ago
Christian and John, to quote Frozen: "The past is in the past."

What matters is his recent performance. Michael Jordan was a great player for the Bulls, but that doesn't make up for his record with the Wizards (or excuse the Wizards for keeping him after said performance). Iwata nailed the market years ago, but he's proven that he can't see past that market. As far as I can tell, he doesn't even know why the Wii U is selling poorly.

He did his good work for Nintendo, but he's only going to tarnish that record by staying. Like I said, the "please understand" message is falling on deaf ears.
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