World's largest game collection sells for $750k

Retailer Michael Thomasson auctions 10,000-strong library of video games

A video game collection recognised by Guinness as the largest in the world has been sold at auction for more than $750,000.

Michael Thomasson, who works in games retail, amassed his vast collection over a period of about 25 years, putting huge effort into keeping individual items in good condition. Among the 10,607 games are 2,600 still in shrink-wrap and 8,300 complete with their original box and manual.

The collection also boasts just about every console you could name - and a few that you probably couldn't - including complete US hardware and software sets for 21 different systems, and near-complete sets for a further 14.

Thomasson's collection was sold through GameGavel, with the bidding starting at $1 and rising in increments of $250. The auction started to accumulate value rapidly on Tuesday 10 June, starting the day on just over $100,000 and reaching $750,250 by the time the auction closed on Wednesday.

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That's amazing!

Although I'm pretty sure this collection is worth much, much more.
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Andrew Watson Tools Programmer 3 years ago
Wonder why he sold it?
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Martin Klima Executive Producer, Warhorse Studios3 years ago
That's about $75 per game. Talk about full-priced games not selling.
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Eric Leisy VR Production Designer, Nike3 years ago
That is a pretty impressive collection. Sometimes I get a little bit bummed I wasn't a better hoarder / collecter of all my video game loot. I certainly couldn't really rival a fraction of this, but I had a pretty respectable collection of systems and games. I remember my Turbo Grafix console fondly, and wish I had held on to that.

This guy will probably either be super bummed, or super elated to offload this collection. I'm probably bringing unneeded bias into this, but I wonder if there was an ultimatum thrown down by a significant other that he needed to jettison this collection. :) I'm sure it was a huge pain in the ass to move.
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Rafael Martins Telecomunications Business Analyst, Portugal Telecom3 years ago
If i had the money and space....amazing collection!

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 3 years ago
I have something like 2000+ games here and I had to watch part of that auction and shed a tiny tear. Just a tiny one, though...
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