Super Evil Megacorp hires Segerstrale as COO

Vain Glory developer also announces $15m in funding

Super Evil Megacorp has appointed former executive VP of Digital at EA Kristian Segerstrale as its new COO and executive director.

"I have been fortunate to work at the forefront of multiple revolutions in games," Segerstrale told GamesBeat.

"I had a good vantage point in the growth of social gaming. I have been convinced that the next billion-dollar company will be built around core gaming on tablets."

Kristian Segerstrale was at EA between December 2011 and March 2013 but his resume also includes time with Playfish and Glu Mobile. He's also currently board director at Supercell and co-founder of investment company Initial Capital.

The appointment coincides with a $15 million funding round from General Catalyst and Raine Ventures. Previous funding has come from Signia Venture Partners, CrossCut Ventures, ZhenFund, angel investors and of course Initial Capital.

The studio is currently at work on free-to-play mobile game Vain Glory and its proprietary engine.

"Ultimately, the proprietary engine is what we can use to deliver console-quality games. Owning it enables the company to push the boundaries."

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 3 years ago
If there was ever a place I would work at for the name alone it would be Super Evil Megacorp. What an awesome icebreaker for conversation starters.
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Simon Dotschuweit MD SE / CTO, Dorado Games3 years ago
I second that :)
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