Temple Run titles hit a billion downloads

Temple Run and Temple Run 2 reach new milestone for Imangi Studios

Mobile titles Temple Run and Temple Run 2 have collectively hit the one billion downloads milestone, according to developer Imangi Studios.

"Having Temple Run reach the one billion downloads mark is a milestone we couldn't have imagined when we first started out," said studio co-founder Keith Shepherd.

"We're incredibly grateful to all the Temple Run players and our wonderful team. We look forward to continuing to grow the Temple Run franchise, as well as creating additional innovative games."

Over 32 billion games have been played, which equates to 216,018 years of play by gamers and 50 trillion metres of in-game running.

Temple Run 2 achieved more than 20 million downloads on the App Store in its first four days on sale when it was released in January 2013.

The original Temple Run was first released in 2011 and since the series has seen movie themed spin offs Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz, which are not included in the milestone.

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Rolf Klischewski Founder & CEO, gameslocalization.com3 years ago
Would be even more interesting to know how profitable these games are.
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 3 years ago
If you ordered a stock of infant bodysuits with your game's logo to be sold as merchandise, then smooth sailing is probably the best description for the state of your company. Considering the husband and wife nature of the company, the distinct lack of smacktalk towards competitors is also hardly a surprise.

But when it comes to innovation, I'd like to point to the fact that the world was supposed to be over Hugo by the end of the 90ies.
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