Puzzle & Dragons trounces Clash of Clans in mobile ARPU

SuperData says GungHo's title earns almost $12 per user versus Clash of Clans' $1.31

A new report from SuperData has put GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons at an imposing worldwide lead in terms of average revenue per user on mobile.

According to data collected in the 12 months preceding the end of March 2014, Puzzle & Dragons earned an average of $11.89 per user, more than five times the ARPU of its next nearest competitor: Big Fish Casino, which has ARPU of $2.07.

Perhaps the most surprising detail in SuperData's report is the gap between Puzzle & Dragons and Supercell's big earners, Hay Day and Clash of Clans.

Both companies were acquired by the Japanese telecomms corporation SoftBank in big money deals. However, according to the data even when the ARPU of both Supercell games are combined, Puzzle & Dragons still earns around six times the revenue.

In terms of analysis, SuperData suggests that "a rich social fabric" distinguishes the most successful mobile games. Puzzle & Dragons, it points out, emphasises, "a multiplayer experience and allows players to construct their own deck, shows the potential on mobile platforms."


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By Christopher Dring

Latest comments (5)

Grazyna Domanska Monetization Manager, Kobojo3 years ago
Sorry to say, but this is a rather disappointing and misleading article.
Talking about ARPU in that manner, without even mentioning MAU and DAU levels of different titles creates a very wrong impression of revenues in mind of a less KPI-minded reader.
"However, according to the data even when the ARPU of both Supercell games are combined, Puzzle & Dragons still earns around six times the revenue." - not 'revenue', but 'revenue PER USER' which makes all the difference!
For example, it's really not that hard to create a game with crazy ARPU and ARPPU levels, but if there are 5 people in the world playing it, then in no way does it create any revenue to speak of.
Additionally it's also rather misleading to compare ARPUs and conversion rates of a title targeted towards Asian markets with those of Western products.
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Clive Gorman Product Marketing Manager 3 years ago
Totally agree. It's very misleading data in the first place. None of the companies will actually divulge their real metrics so the data is largely made-up.
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Joost van Dreunen CEO & Co-founder, SuperData Research, Inc.3 years ago
You are correct that ARPU is a high-level performance indicator that is more meaningful when put into context with active monthly users, conversion rate, etc. However, I think you'll agree that all of the titles here mentioned have more than "5 people in the world" playing it. If you're interested, we have more information available on the different conversion and spending rates for US and Chinese mobile gamers here:

See footnote: We base our estimates on the transaction-level data we receive from publishers and payment service providers. This gives us insight into spending patterns, among other things. For major titles, our monthly estimates have a margin of error that's less than 5%. Happy to show you. Give me a shout.

CEO, SuperData
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Summee Farooqi Product Manager, Perfect World Entertainment3 years ago
I agree with Joost. The data isn't completely misleading here, it's not like P&D has a small user-base. Even with the MAU/DAU being lower than it's competitors it's still fair and within range to compare the quality of the users.
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Teut Weidemann Consultant Online Games, Ubisoft Germany3 years ago
GungHo and 10Cent revealed that Puzzle & Dragons has 24 million users. If the ARPU above would be correct they would do 11*24m*12 revenue per year or 3b. But they do slightly over 1.
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