Watch Dogs becomes Ubisoft's most pre-ordered new IP

GameStop also confirms that it's the most pre-ordered next-gen title so far [UPDATE: "We can exceed 6.3m units"]

Ubisoft today announced that Watch Dogs is setting pre-order records for the publisher. The company said that it's the most pre-ordered new IP in Ubisoft's history, the second-highest pre-ordered Ubisoft game ever, and the most pre-ordered new IP in the industry this year. Moreover, retailer GameStop confirmed that Watch Dogs is the most pre-ordered next-gen game to date.

All that said, Ubisoft actually did not disclose how many units were pre-ordered. GamesIndustry International pinged Ubisoft to ask for a pre-sales figure and we'll be sure to let you know if we get one.

[Update: On the company's earnings conference call, executives said that they fully expect Watch Dogs to perform better than the first Assassin's Creed, meaning it should exceed 6.3 million in lifetime sales. "We expect it to become a major heavyweight of the industry," said CEO Yves Guillemot.]

"These strong pre-orders are a clear indication of players' anticipation and excitement for Watch Dogs," said Geoffroy Sardin, Senior VP Sales and Marketing at Ubisoft. "The teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that players will enjoy a top quality game with enormous scope, and we can't wait to get the game into their hands."

"We are seeing tremendous excitement for the new Watch Dogs game... It is on track to be one of the top selling video games across all consoles in 2014," added Michael van den Berg, vice president of Merchandising at GameStop International.

Watch Dogs development is being led by Ubisoft Montreal, but similar to other massive AAA projects in the industry it's been a collaborative effort with assistance from teams at Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Quebec and Reflections. The game will release on May 27 for current-gen and next-gen consoles, PC and it's coming to Wii U "at a later date."

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Dominic Roberts Android SDK Enginner, TapDaq7 years ago
Well it's been available to pre order long enough given all its delays. What else are customers gonna do, its not like they can actually buy it.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 7 years ago
I still have this game pegged to be the biggest new franchise release of the year. Not only is it on more platforms than Destiny but it's got alot more buzz than that game. Plus Watchdogs can be played offline and while I don't think that will hurt Destiny(being online only) that much I do think it will help Watchdogs sell that much better.
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Jaime Roberto Castro Hernández Journalism graduate 7 years ago
I wouldn't object to the idea of some sort of PC and current gen hunger left by Rockstar's stellar game glaring absence having a bit to do with Watch Dogs' seeming future success. And this hunger is made only bigger, I think, by how much of a fuss GTA V still is, with stunts, myth busting and Let's Play videos going rampant on the tube. The game's just that good and well talked about.

And here I am, a PC gamer (and also a recent PS4 owner) thinking "Man, I really want that". And then from above the clouds hovers down Watch Dogs. And even as much as I like and consume a lot of artsy and indie games, I'm willing to admit I don't care that much about the game's super intrincate mechanics and alternative gameplay style. The thing I want the most is to drive like a crazy maniac and run around beating people for no good reason. All of it with those pretty graphics, physics and nice particle effects.

So, in short, since for some reason, current gen buyers and PC gamers can have no GTA V, this is the next best thing.

And now that I'm thinking about that, this could also prove a problem for Take-Two's golden boy plans on releasing GTA on current gen consoles and PCs (as rumours go they'll announce such at E3) as consumers could very well already have had their fill of realistic open-world sandbox mayhem with Watch Dogs by the time a port of GTA V hits shelves.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jaime Roberto Castro Hernández on 16th May 2014 9:45pm

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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 7 years ago
I'm still not sure what this game is supposed to be to be honest. The initial trailers (those proven to be completely not what the game was capable of) were all about a lone hacker out to save the city. Recent descriptions, with mini games and robots, paint a more Saints Row 3 crossed with GTA V kind of vibe.
I'm thinking this is either going to be a great game or a completely overhyped mess, missing the mark on all levels.
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John Karageorgiou consultant 7 years ago
This game was delayed as it was supposed to have been a next-gen launch title. The delay was announced at around the same time that GTAV was launched, and believe that the content, gameplay, graphics and technology in GTAV made Ubisoft pull the hand-brake on Watch Dogs. I am sure that the game will have benefited enormously through this delay, but agree that the incredible hype may remain "just hype". Also, there has been a review embargo placed on this game until its release date, and this is usually not appreciated by those gamers that have pre-ordered. Some of my friends actually cancelled their per-orders when it was announced that a review embargo was being effected.
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