Halo live-action TV series coming to Showtime - report

Variety says Microsoft is nearing a deal to bring Halo to the cable movie station before it airs on Xbox Live

Halo remains Microsoft's biggest entertainment property and the company is now looking to leverage that IP with the premium cable movie channel Showtime. Variety has reported that the two parties are nearing a deal that would bring a live-action Halo series to Showtime - Xbox Live subscribers would be able to view the series on Microsoft's network sometime afterwards.

Variety noted that the deal with Showtime has "taken a long time to work out because the sides are charting new territory for a show designed to air on Showtime as well as Xbox, with enhanced interactivity built in for the latter platform."

The TV series will be executive produced under Steven Spielberg's Amblin TV banner, along with Stuart Beattie, Amblin's Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. Xbox Entertainment Studios is producing with 343 Industries, which will ensure it stays true to the Halo universe. The show's already been in development for more than a year, according to Variety.

Microsoft has been ramping up its efforts in the TV space, a unit headed by Nancy Tellem. It's been clear from the beginning that Xbox One is about controlling living room entertainment, not just video games, and the TV push clearly shows that Microsoft intends to compete with other content creators.

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Latest comments (2)

Jakub Mikyska CEO, Grip Digital6 years ago
Doesn't this kill what Xbox One was supposed to be all about? I mean, I understand it - Halo is a money-printing machine and they want to realize its potential, but on the other hand, XB1 lost its one and only possible killer feature to sell itself as a media hub.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 6 years ago
Jakub: I'd imagine this deal is necessary because without it, the numbers of people actually watching the show ONLY on the console wouldn't justify the production costs or marketing. Sure, Halo is popular and all, but not EVERY Xbox One owner is interested in it, I'd bet (especially given Microsoft's wider net casting this time to appeal to families). I'd also imagine that this deal will "help" sell more non-XBO owners on perhaps picking up the console at some point.

But we'll see. I'm now interested in the show because I don't have a Xbox One and until it's playable cmpletely ofline, can't even think about getting one with my crap connection. Like a lot of other people Microsoft forgot exist.
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