The Room franchise has sold 5.4 million

"Without spending any money on marketing or PR or analysts or analytics"

Fireproof Games co-founder and director Barry Meade has taken to Twitter to celebrate The Room and The Room 2 reaching combined sales of over 5.4 million. He also used the opportunity to challenge the industry perception that mobile games don't sell.

"We had no experience of mobile, we made it up as we went along, our game wasn't a service and we believed in gamer word of mouth," he continued.

"Point? Dunno. But maybe what mobile games needs is less databollocks and more devs who believe in gamers and what gamers want. Who cares if f2p games are making zintrillion$ if they're barely games at all. Gamers need a space on mobile and only we can create it."

He went on to call free-to-play games "anti-joy."

Fireproof Games was founded in January 2012, an arm of Fireproof Studios dedicated to making a game for iPad.The Room was released in September 2012 and by June 2013 The Room had sold over 2 million copies.

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Dan Tubb Investment manager, Edge3 years ago
Without spending any money on marketing or PR or analysts or analytics
Just a fantastically well made engaging and immersive game that somehow still played to the strengths of mobile that you could pick up and put down at a moments notice.
He went on to call free-to-play games anti-joy.
I like this man.
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Anthony Gowland Consulting F2P Game Designer, Ant Workshop3 years ago
But maybe what mobile games needs is less databollocks and more devs who believe in gamers and what gamers want.
there are plenty of games made by devs like this that sink without a trace (probably as many as the number of f2p "databollocks" games that sink). So I don't really agree with your conclusion.
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Ross Sharp FX Artist, Ninja Theory3 years ago
This is well deserved. The Room Two was the first time I found myself hotly anticipating the release of a mobile game. Well done Fireproof.
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Keldon Alleyne Developer, leader, writer, Avasopht Ltd3 years ago
And in other news, "a random boy coin-flips eleven heads in a row, and explains how you can do it too!"

That being said you want to balance your approach. You need to freely explore game concepts while also being relevant. Analytics gives indication of relevance and need not be intrusive. Google are excellent examples of this with their philosophy of release early, release often. Think of it as risk management and not as analytics driving design as that is not going to create great ideas.
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Kieran Keegan Lead Programmer, Variable State3 years ago
Congrats Barry, and everyone at Fireproof!!!

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Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 3 years ago
Makes you wonder how many more they'd have sold if they'd spent any money on marketing, PR, analysts or analytics.


Huge congratulations to the team though, they made great games and great games will usually rise to the top regardless of all the aforementioned help.
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Gavin Price Studio Director & Founder, Playtonic Games3 years ago
Congrats to the team - thoroughly deserved. Great games, I love them both and it just goes to show there is no template for success. It's nice to see devs creating games with 'gamer' merit doing well on mobile/tablet.
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Robin Clarke Producer, AppyNation Ltd3 years ago
They didn't need to spend money on marketing to customers because they successfully marketed the game to Apple. Pretty shrewd strategy really.
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Eric Leisy VR Production Designer, Nike3 years ago
I seem to have completely missed the boat on this one. I'm not familiar with The Room series. Although, the only thing I use my mobile for is communications - I've never been one to use it for games. You all seem to think this is worth checking out then, at least to see where mobile gaming is currently at?
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Jed Ashforth Senior Game Designer, Immersive Technology Group, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe3 years ago
Congratulations to Barry & the rest at Fireproof, these titles deserve every success! Still two of my favourite games of the last couple years, and a real standard-bearer for what's possible on the platform. Couldn't be happier for you guys!
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Chris Sweetman Sound Designer/Audio Director 3 years ago
Awesome news, and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of chaps ! Congrats to Barry, Rob, Roger and all the other members of the team !
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James Boulton Owner, Retro HQ Ltd3 years ago
I had no idea about this game, after being generally disheartened by the dross on the AppStore I don't bother looking much anymore. I played through the first two chapters last night and really enjoyed it. Reminds me of the old graphic adventures back in the day to a degree with their puzzle solving mechanic. Sometimes frustrating but a nice feeling when things click into place.

As always I'm vocal (when I do post, which isnt that often...) about my personal dislike of F2P, and I'm really pleased to see people doing well out of the old fashioned buying outright business model. And at a price considerably lower than I used to buy games for the Speccy when I was a kid as well... :)

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Istvan Fabian Principal Engineer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe3 years ago
The Room is being old-school while playing on the strengths of mobile platforms.
One of the very few games that's worth buying and I promptly bought the second part without even thinking about it.
Well done :)
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