South Park creator: "We weren't willing to change the content"

Matt Stone on censorship in South Park: The Stick Of Truth

South Park creator Matt Stone has given his verdict on the censorship of South Park: Stick Of Truth, and suggested that the content would have passed without problems in the television show.

"I was told that Australia has different standards. They have their own ratings system, as does Europe, so I was told that we had to submit it for ratings and they come back and tell you this will pass, this won't," he told The Guardian.

"Ultimately, the full version of the game is in North America, so at least that version is out there, but anywhere it's censored [in the other version], we just put in little black cards explaining what has happened. It's not that big a deal. It doesn't change things that much, but we weren't going to change the game downwards somewhere and just not tell anybody. You'll see how ridiculous that is."


He said it felt a like a bit of a double standard, but didn't have a huge impact on the quality of the game. But he also added that if the content had been in the television show, it could have been shown.

"There is an interactiveness that makes it different. In movies and television you can do stuff that's morally grey very easily, because you get to show consequences, you get to show reward, but in a video game there's a reason why everything is a Nazi, zombie, or alien - these are pretty clear moral choices," he explained.

"There are things that make people more uncomfortable in an interactive world, definitely. But that said, what we had in the game, we could have shown that on TV pretty easily, especially now."

The game is released in the UK today, but the game's release in Germany and Austria has been delayed due to inclusion of a swastika in one scene.

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Latest comments (8)

Sergiu Badau Wittenberger QA Tester 3 years ago
The thing is that PEGI rated the game "18"(Mature) without the censorship and 18 with the censorship. They allowed the scenes to come to europe... why didn't they come? Well that's the publisher's fault.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Sergiu Badau Wittenberger on 7th March 2014 2:25pm

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Gareth Donaghey Customer Support Agent, Blizzard Entertainment3 years ago
They should have put the clips up online somewhere and added 'or watch what you missed here!'
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Darren Adams Managing Director, ChaosTrend3 years ago
Censorship in any form sucks when you are talking about adult entertainment.

I mean who really has the right to tell adults what they can or can't watch/play if it doesn't directly hurt anyone? Sure, anal probing is not high on my list of 'must see' things, but why the censorship??? Do they think the game is going to turn people into gay aliens or something?

Oh that's right, they still think games are only for kids..... jeez, step into the 21st century you uneducated morons.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Darren Adams on 7th March 2014 8:59pm

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Andrew Jakobs Lead Programmer 3 years ago
PEGI and all those rating board are just a bunch of hypocrite goats, yes it's perfectly ok to bash someone's head in with a meatcleaver or blow someone brains out, but ohhh an anal probe up some cartoon characters sphincter is not ok...
I don't mind if a game has an age indication, but censoring stuff for adults is really just stupid.. Hell even the censoring of the swastika in germany is just going overboard IMHO, hello it's almost more than 70 freaking years ago the war was over, get over it (except glorifying it, but that's not how the sign is used in games or south park cartoons) (and even with that, people will never really learn from history and will repeat it anyway in some form)..
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Oliver Jones Software Developer 3 years ago
IGN already has a video up of the censored parts. In the age of the Internet censorship really is rather stupid.
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Steve Wetz Reviewer/Assistant Editor, Gamer's Glance3 years ago
I think that sign is a fantastic idea. If more games did this, the respective populaces would be more inclined to vote for measures which would liberate them from this kind of censorship.

Hearing about your game being censored is one thing - having that censorship openly displayed is another, and could really spur change if widely adopted.
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Dan Tubb Investment manager, Edge3 years ago
I find it extraordinary presumption from the bureaucrats that makes them believe their own moral judgment is superior to everyone elses and they get to dictate what the right choice is for everyone else. It is terribly infantilizing that a government thinks it has this power over its people. It should worry the industry because people will want to play the best version of the game, and many gamers in places like Australia will be tempted to simply download a pirate version of the uncensored game instead.

It is also a shame because that particular scene was hilarious. UK version was uncensored. In fact the whole game is utterly brilliant and if you are a fan of both Video Games and South Park I cannot recommend this game highly enough.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Dan Tubb on 10th March 2014 9:45am

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Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments3 years ago
This is nothing to do with PEGI - the decision has been confirmed to have come from ubisoft :

The PC version is uncensored, and received the same PEGI 18 cert. PEGI rates games, rather than censoring, them anyway - I'm pretty certain they lack the power to ban a game, that's something that happens at a national level.
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