M.O.J.O. gets a price cut, Ouya compatibility

Mad Catz microconsole drops to $200, first device added to "Ouya Everywhere" initiative

Mad Catz today cut the price of its M.O.J.O. microconsole from $250 to $200, and promised a bit of added functionality in the near future. The company said it has reached a content agreement with rival microconsole maker Ouya to make M.O.J.O. fully compatible with Ouya content later this spring.

The agreement is the first in the Ouya Everywhere initiative, unveiled earlier this week. That program aims to embed the Ouya platform into other companies' hardware. In unveiling the initiative, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman said that had been the plan for the system all along, but the software had only recently become strong enough for them to launch Ouya Everywhere.

"This agreement with Ouya encapsulates our vision of an open software platform powered by M.O.J.O.'s high-performance hardware, and supported by the entire ecosystem of GameSmart gaming accessories," Mad Catz president and CEO Darren Richardson said. "We believe today's announcements will widen the appeal of M.O.J.O. introducing it to a greater number of passionate gamers."

Uhrman echoed the sentiment, saying, "Today's announcement signifies the inception of a truly open platform where independent developers can bring their creations to the platforms where gamers actually play: everywhere."

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Latest comments (4)

Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee8 years ago
This pretty much makes it a superior Ouya with Nvidia's Tegra 4. A shame its more expensive than the WiiU in most shops.

I think seeing Ouya on the Nvidia Shield would be a good prediction for the future, especially with the financial and hardware partnerships there.

Small platforms though, I'll be waiting to see if they reach boxes that are 'bigger' and more ubiquitous.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 8 years ago
Given that I already have an Ouya controller, neither the Ouya itself nor this has much that my Nexus 10 doesn't.

At this point I can't really be bothered with extra boxes; let them bring Ouya to the devices I already have.
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Spencer Franklin Concept Artist 8 years ago
OUYA software and Madcatz hardware, sometimes the world writes its own jokes.
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Shaun Farol Studying Computer Information Systems, California Polytechnic State University8 years ago
Ouya as a platform is pretty smart for these android 'consoles'. The #1 problem with Google Play is there is no way to filter games with controller & bigscreen support. If Ouya is willing to offer a controller standard and big screen guarantee on top of mandatory free trials this can only benefit the consumer. A really smart strategic partnership on Madcatz part.
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