Abertay students working on FuturLab prototypes

"Having an opportunity to effectively triple our workforce to create prototypes for a year without risk is fantastic"

UK developer Futurlab is making the most of the talent on offer at Abertay University, taking on 20 students from its Production, Programming, Art & Design to work on prototyping projects in partnership with the company.

"As a small team of ten working hard on Velocity 2X - our most ambitious title yet - it's been quite a challenge to remain focused on what's coming next, so having an opportunity to effectively triple our workforce to create prototypes for a year without risk is fantastic," said Futurlab MD James Marsden.

"It's also a great opportunity for the students as they're able to benefit from mentorship and regular feedback to hit the high standards that we set for ourselves."

The finished prototypes will remain the property of Futurlab. One is a spin-off of the company's popular Velocity series for PlayStation, and both will be presented by the students later this year.

"Our students benefit enormously from the experience of working with the professionals from FuturLab. We are very grateful for the care they have taken to provide genuine mentorship to our students," added Abertay's Professor Louis Natanson.

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Caitlin Goodale Graphic Designer, Lift London, Microsoft4 years ago
As someone who worked on this project it was a pleasure working with Futurlab, and a great insight into their development pipeline. This sort of prototype development is something I'd love to see more universities and developers embracing.
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Sounds positive indeed
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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 4 years ago
Who owns the work?

Wait... Just noticed.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Tim Carter on 26th February 2014 8:19pm

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