Supercell reports GAAP revenues of $689m

"It's no secret that some players spend substantial amounts of money on these games"

Clash Of Clans studio Supercell has revealed GAAP revenues of $689 million, EBITDA of $322 million for 2013 and defended its business model in a call this morning.

Gamasutra reported the figures which also included Supercell's tax bill for the year, which was $345 million.

"It's no secret that some players spend substantial amounts of money on these games," said CEO Ilkka Paananen this morning.

"But I wouldn't say the vast majority of revenue comes from them. These people usually come from an investment banker or lawyer background, and they spend a lot of money on golf courses and so on. I've asked them 'Why do you spend so much money on these games?' and they say 'People spend money on golf, I spend money on Clash of Clans.'"

Yesterday reports from a hacker called Ethical Spectrum suggested Supercell can make $5.15 million in a single a day. Supercell did not respond to the figures.

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Nick Parker Consultant 4 years ago
Defend its business model? Did some analyst question it then? You may seek clarification on how it works but to question a business model making these levels of returns beggars belief. Love the ebitda/revenues share at 46.7%. Anybody know why tax bill was so high?
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Tax bill is so high as they are counting both the company tax (24,5% from their profit of $322M) and taxes on the capital gains on selling the shares of Supercell personnel (including Paananen´s shares) last year.

Revenues seems to be off in dollars as they are close to what they made in Euro. Leading newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, is quoting revenues of 672 MEUR and profit 349MEUR.
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Dan Amerson General Manager, NC, Organic Motion4 years ago
I imagine the question pertained to the ethics of the business model. It's clearly profitable, but that doesn't mean it's a good thing to be doing to consumers.
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Simon Butler Computer Games 4 years ago
I think they are "defending" their business model due to the brouhaha caused by EA's Dungeon Keeper.
Poor design and bad monetisation on their part has brought all the naysayers out of the woodwork.
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development4 years ago
<chi breathing>

They're not "doing" anything to consumers.
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