Ouya launches 16GB model for $130

The new version features a black matte finish, doubled memory, improved Wi-Fi and a "refined" controller

Ouya today announced the release of its newest model, which offers 16GB memory, twice that of the original 8GB version. The new version comes in a black matte color scheme, features improved WiFi connectivity, and a "refined" controller that Ouya claims has better analog sticks and buttons.

So far, there's no indication that Ouya will lower the price on its original 8GB hardware, which will still sell for $99, the company said.

Ouya has said in the past that it intends to release regular upgrades to the Android-based hardware, so similar to smartphones, we can expect a number of newer Ouya consoles to be released in the years ahead. Ouya currently has well over 600 games in its catalog and all are free to try.

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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises4 years ago
They should really make a game or two themselves and keep the series exclusive to Ouya. The Wii had weaker hardware too, but Nintendo made you forget that with Wii Sports.

Or just get Netflix and some movie playing apps on the thing, for $130 it's not much more than an Apple TV.
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Tom Keresztes Programmer 4 years ago
16gb is the flash storage, not memory.
Those who are looking for a similar console, might found the Mojo interesting : it has a much faster Tegra4 and also runs android. Plus the controller is superb.
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Adam Campbell Game Production Manager, Azoomee4 years ago
Wonderful console and nice to see an update, but I wonder when the next generation will arrive - Kepler powered would be nice to give it entry-level next gen visuals.
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Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments4 years ago
I assume the reason for no change to CPU/GPU/RAM is to avoid fragmentation. Balancing that with keeping specs up to date is going to be an interesting challenge.
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