Dontnod CEO: "There is no bankruptcy"

Oskar Guilbert explains company has entered judicial reorganisation

Dontnod Entertainment CEO Oskar Guilbert has dismissed reports that the Remember Me studio is bankrupt, stating that any financial problems the studio faced are now in the past.

"There are some rumours about the bankruptcy of Dontnod. There is no bankruptcy, Dontnod is not in bankruptcy," he told GamesIndustry International in an exclusive interview this afternoon.

"We are in something called in France 'judicial reorganisation' which allows us to re-adapt our production pipeline to the new situation. Because as you know we finished a game called Remember Me for Capcom which was out in June 2013, last year. This game, I think it's important to mention, is number two in terms of downloads on PlayStation Plus in Europe, so it's a big success on the digital side at least."

"We are in very close negotiations for our next project with one of the top publishers"

"We started new projects and those new projects need some investment and we decided to resize the company in order to match these new needs. That's why we needed judicial reorganisation."

Judicial reorganisation (or redressement judiciaire) appoints a Judicial Administrator to oversee the running of the company focusing on sustainability, settling liabilities and managing labour costs.

Guilbert said it allowed the company to reduce its costs in a more flexible way, but was not able to announce any more than that regarding the resizing, including if there would be job cuts. He was able to hint at Dontnod's immediate future.

"We are also in close negotiations with one big partner; I cannot of course announce the name and say that but we are in very close negotiations for our next project with one of the top publishers," he explained.

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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 8 years ago
"Remember Me" had great character design and graphical aesthetics. It fell short on gameplay. It has a nice idea that failed in execusion. Nonetheless, I would have liked to see morefrom Dontnod.
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Renaud Charpentier Game Director, The Creative Assembly8 years ago
"redressement judiciaire" in France, is a pretty serious state, it means you have already stopped paying everything you should have: be it salaries, taxes or any other external bills. If you have good prospects, like a new contract incoming, the law is precisely there to shield you from banckruptcy long enough so that you can recover and continue, so best wishes on that folks!
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I think its akin to receiver ship, i.e severe fiscal life support
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John Thomason Studying Computer Science, University of Minnesota8 years ago
I just started playing Remember Me a few days ago. The game has an interesting universe though as Mr. Lopez stated above the execution could have been much better. Here's hoping it all works out for them!
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It would be interesting to review he list of games in 2013 whereby a stronger gameplay and execution make for a better game than concerted efforts to have great visuals
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Julian Cram Quality Analyst (Test), Wicked Witch Software8 years ago
I'm one of those who downloaded it on PSN because I read some not-too-positive reviews of it when it came out.

As everyone said, a lovely idea, great character design, wonderful environments, but sub-par gameplay and poor execution.
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