PS Vita Slim to launch in UK

Thinner, lighter Vita will hit UK on February 7 for 180 - also, Sony's Killzone on PS4 has now sold over 2.1m copies

Sony's PlayStation Vita Slim will launch in the U.K. on February 7 at a price of around £180.

The PS Vita PCH-2000 - to use its official name - was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show in September last year, and was launched in Japan the following month. The U.K. will be only the second market in which Sony has launched the device.

The Vita Slim swaps the original model's excellent OLED screen for a less impressive 960x544 IPS LCD display. However, it benefits from being 20 per cent thinner, 15 per cent lighter and has improved battery life. The £180 price-point is also lower than the launch price of the original Vita.

Pre-orders for the PS Vita PCH-2000 opened today.

Despite being generally well regarded as a piece of hardware, the Vita has failed to stir excitement among consumers in the same way as the PlayStation 4 - no doubt a source of great disappointment within Sony, which has positioned the Vita's second-screen as a vital aspect of its long-term vision for the console.

Indeed, at the Vita Slim unveiling in London this morning - attended by VG247 - Fergal Gara, the managing director of Sony UK, claimed that the company is still unable to meet demand for the PlayStation 4 in a number of major territories.

"We are still not satisfied, we are still not in stock fully at retail," Gara said. "Of course we haven't launched in Japan and we're still not fully meeting demand in other major territories. That [4.2 million units sold] is a suppressed number, and one that will grow considerably from here."

And the consumer demand is reflected in software sales. Yesterday, Sony announced that Killzone: Shadow Fall - a game that divided critics on its release - had sold 2.1 million units as of January 15.

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Shehzaan Abdulla Translator/QA 7 years ago
The 180 price-point is also lower than the launch price of the original Vita.
In real terms that is more expensive than what the Vita 1000 is currently going for. The going prices at the moment are around 169 with many retailers having dropped the price to as low as 119 of their own accord (Currys comes to mind).

In other words, I don't think the general, uninformed consumer is going to look at this and think they are seeing a price cut.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd7 years ago
On top of that problem Shehzaan, the Vita 2000 is considerably worse from a hardware perspective. So informed consumers definitely won't be looking at it.

Worse than that, it's a replacement for the original Vita, which means if you do want the system with its much better initial hardware, buy now.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Nicholas Pantazis on 30th January 2014 2:00pm

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Aristotel Digenis Human 7 years ago
the Vita 2000 is considerably worse from a hardware perspective
Greater battery life, USB power connector, thinner, lighter, built-in 1GB.... you sure it is considerably worse only because the display isn't AS good as the original(yet still good)? Given it is a portable, I would say the battery improvement alone are a good tradeoff for the not-as-good-yet-still-good display.
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises7 years ago
I know Sony won't do this, because it would be throwing good money after bad....

But how awesome would a 7", 1080p, $199 PS Vita be? Who cares if the GPU is underpowered for that price, every single game I've played on my Vita so far has looked like crap anyway with the supposedly powerful parts.
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Paul Murphy Owner, The Vita Lounge7 years ago
PlayStation UK had a great opportunity to create some real buzz and momentum with this announcement, and they really haven't hit the real notes.

More colours, more games (or even dates for the upcoming bigger titles) and a better price point would have created more excitement for this. The screen is an issue for existing owners, not necessarily future ones. If the screen is important, they'd have got one already or get one now whilst they can. The battery life improvement is great, but the memory is nigh on useless to someone that intends to download from the store.

People wanted a better price - I appreciate that the RRP is lower than the basic RRP for the 1000, but nobody is selling them for that now (you can get a 1000 for 100-150 WITH GAMES) - everyone will make the connection that this is more expensive.

Sony's marketing for the PS4 is great and clearly working. Who's doing the marketing and promotion for the Vita? It can't be the same people. Do they even believe in the system? I know Shahid does, the strategic content division and their equivalents in NA are clearly trying to get things on the system, but it seems that they are in a minority.

And I haven't even mentioned the 64GB card or the Vita TV, which were the things that people would have got a bit more excited about.
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Shehzaan Abdulla Translator/QA 7 years ago
Interestingly, Sony seem to be aware that the price of the Vita Slim is higher than the real world price of the original Vita. They are actually expecting retailers to undercut RRP.

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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd7 years ago
@ Aristotel I absolutely disagree, but it's a matter of preference. No one is going to pocket a Vita, Slim or otherwise. And the battery life going from 5 to 5.5 hours means little. The onboard storage is useless as soon as you buy a memory card (and not large enough to store a single PS+ game anyway). I think it's a considerably worse model. To each their own, but no, it's not a good model. And no, that screen is not very good. Anyone who's been using a high end smartphone will be shocked when they look at the 2000's LCD.
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Sandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up7 years ago
Biggest vita problems:

Retail kits can't be used as dev kits

Lack of a freely available development suite for potential developers.

The consumer message is overly complicated and remains its kryptonite.

I mean seriously, how easy is it to develop for a smartphone in comparison?

In my opinion, the device will be outdated before any of the above are properly addressed.

Old habits die hard.
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