Minecraft sells a million on PS3

"It is crazy considering the game was released just before Christmas last year"

Mojang's domination of the industry continues with the news that the latest port of the title has sold over a million copies on PlayStation 3.

"Minecraft on PS3 recently sold over 1 million copies (that has to be some kind of record on PSN, no?)," said Mojang's Daniel Kaplan.

"It is crazy considering the game was released just before Christmas last year. We are super grateful for the support and we are very thankful for your dedication."

The PlayStation 3 version of the blocky blockbuster was only released on December 17, and was developed by 4J Studios. Mojang can add the millions sales to the already impressive numbers on other platforms, 10 million on box 360 and close to 14 million sales on PC. In the last 24 hours alone, 19,534 people bought the game on PC.

A PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 version on the game are expected soon.

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Paul Murphy Owner, The Vita Lounge4 years ago
Really looking forward to the Vita version, hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer. 1m sales in just over a month put to bed any suggestions that people aren't still excited about Minecraft.

A fully portable version of Minecraft should have some sort of beneficial impact on the Vita, especially if they have the forsight to add some Cross- buy/save/play functionality.
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