Quark Games becomes fifth dev to partner with Tilting Point

Tilting Point to help fund and market Quark's mobile and tablet games as part of multi-title agreement

Tilting Point, a publisher of mobile and tablet games formed last March by EA Partners founder Tom Frisina, has just signed its fifth development partner in Quark Games. The developer behind Valor and Champs: Battlegrounds has seen its games downloaded over 50 million times on iOS and Android, and now it's looking to Tilting Point for funding, operational support, and marketing assistance.

The agreement between Quark and Tilting Point covers the development of multiple titles for the core gamer segment, and the first is already in production.

"We believe in making mobile games that give players the ability to affect outcomes through skill and effort. Choices and consequences are what lead to high quality gameplay experiences and emotional impact to the player," said Eric Peng, Founder and CEO of Quark Games. "The team at Tilting Point shares our vision and commitment to building better mobile games and provides us with valuable expertise and resources while allowing us to retain control of our IP."

"Quark is one of the few elite, independent developers in the world today with demonstrated experience and success on mobile, which makes them an ideal partner for us," said Tom Frisina, Executive Chairman of Tilting Point. "Our role is to provide our partners with the resources, support, and marketing muscle they need to succeed, while they focus on bringing their creative vision to life. This gives them the tools to compete with the biggest players in mobile games."

Tilting Point has been slowly beefing up its operation with veteran talent like former PopCap exec Giordano Bruno Contestabile and former 2K Games exec Tom Bass, who was recently appointed vice president of marketing at the firm.

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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development4 years ago
I've never understood stuff like this. We are a small developer specialising in mobile and tablet too. We manage without funding now with far less success. If our games had also been downloaded 50 million times, I don't know where the sudden need for even more money would come from.

Is 50 million downloads poor performance nowadays? If we were getting those numbers, we'd be minted and not wanting to risk changing anything.
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