Sony reveals new head-mounted display

HMZ-T3W boasts virtual screen size of over 700"

Sony has gone public with an updated head-mounted display at CES, revealing the sleek HMZ-T3W during a presentation fronted by Michael Fasulo.

The headset, sporting a fairly typical visor design, is surprisingly small for a device which promises to give users the experience of sitting in front of a 750 inch screen, as provided by a twin OLED HD display set-up. 3D is also supported, whilst virtual 7.1 surround sound, 24p True Cinema display mode, wireless connection and motion detection complete the feature set.

"The head-mounted display is a theater on your head," said Fasulo, Sony Electronic's president and COO.

Connecting the device via wireless gives the user up to three hours of viewing on a single charge, whilst using the wired HDMI socket will extend that to seven hours. Wireless data will be streamed at 60GHZ in an attempt to eliminate lag - a positive message for the device's gaming applications. A 'Game' mode is also included on the device which will presumably reduce post-processing in order to reduce lag even further.

Further to that, the headset is already available to buy, with a UK price of £1,299 landing the HMZ-T3W in customers' hands as early as tomorrow. Whilst no mention of PS4 connectivity is made on the HMZ's product page, connection to mobile was explicitly suggested during the presentation at CES.

It's not Sony's first foray into the head-mounted 'personal viewer' market - the HMZ-T1 has been available for some time. However, this does represent a significant step forward for the company's technology, with the timing of the release drawing obvious comparisons with Oculus' Rift headset.

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Jorge Chernicharo Studying Interactive Contents, Tohoku University7 years ago
I thought it has been available for some time already? At least here in Japan...
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i wanna hear of the rumoured VR headset :)
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This is getting confusing - Sony are in the HMZ (display) and HMD (VR) sector - but it is the HMD we all care about in comparison to the Rift.
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises7 years ago
Or you can take your 1,299 and build a a home theater in your basement that more than one person can watch at the same time... Any screen size will work as long as you sit close enough and black out enough of the room with curtains and fabric.
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Tom Hunt Game Developer, neocade7 years ago
the lack of any specific mention of "VR" is pretty telling. the price seems really steep for something that is just for watching movies. definitely screams "early adopter".

something along these lines might very well be how we will be watching movies within the next 10 years, tho.
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Keldon Alleyne Strategic Keyboard Basher, Avasopht Development7 years ago
@Craig: yes, but the headset lenses allow your eyes to relax more by distorting the angle of the incoming image. So by using the headset you get the same viewing experience as watching a 70ft imax screen.

They could even throw in an easter egg and have people walk across the screen - now that I would happily pay 1,299 for!
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Frank Trottier Analyst programmer 7 years ago
I think the resolution is not high enough in context with the Imax claim.
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This was not the HMD (droids) I was looking for!
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