Kickstarter games top $200 million pledged

Gaming the largest draw for crowdfunding platform, accounts for more than 20% of money given

Kickstarter dubbed 2012 "The Year of the Game," but 2013 has been even bigger for interactive entertainment on the crowdfunding platform.

According to Kickstarter's stats page, game project pledges have totaled $200.41 million. When pledges for unsuccessful (and therefore unfunded) projects are taken out of the mix, Kickstarter reports that users have still combined to provide $178.15 million in funding for game developers. Games have also overtaken film and video as the most lucrative category on the site, and account for nearly 22 percent of the $919 million pledged to Kickstarter projects overall.

Beyond outpacing other categories on Kickstarter, games are also growing year-over-year. In 2012, users pledged $83 million to game Kickstarters. With two weeks left to go, the 2013 tally stands in the neighborhood of $112 million.

Games also account for more of the biggest projects than any other category. To date, 54 Kickstarter campaigns have raised $1 million or more, with games accounting for 29 of those projects. Technology is the next closest category with 11 million-funded campaigns.

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Latest comments (3)

Shane Sweeney Academic 8 years ago
I wonder if the KickStarter bubble will burst or if it will reach a Billion Dollars in a few years!
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Eyal Teler Programmer 8 years ago
For now I don't see a reason it will burst, but I also don't see gaming getting to one billion. Still, could happen.

The reason I don't see it bursting is that developers have so far generally created games that their fans wanted. Sure, they weren't earth-shattering, but I think most people will agree that we're better off with these games than without them. Some of the high profiles games from 2012 aren't out yet, but will be out in early 2014, which would hopefully settle people's expectations regarding Kickstarter games.

The reason I don't see Kickstarter games becoming a billion market is that they still cater for a minority of gamers, and with many old names already having been Kickstarted the huge projects might become fewer. Still, the increase in pledges this year probably comes from smaller projects, and that could continue to grow.
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Thomas Bidaux CEO, ICO Partners8 years ago
Half of this is from board games that have grown a lot on Kickstarter through 2013.
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