Miniclip hits 250 million mobile downloads

"Game players know that the Miniclip brand represents great quality games"

Online, social and mobile game company Miniclip has hit a new landmark, a quarter of a billion mobile downloads across iOS, Android and Windows.

"We're thrilled to have achieved such a significant mobile download milestone," said CEO Robert Small.

"It's great that our online and mobile game players have responded so well and are choosing to download Miniclip's mobile games in such high numbers. Game players know that the Miniclip brand represents great quality games on which ever platform they choose to play."

The company released its first title on mobile in 2010 and has over 40 different mobile games. Across online and social the company has more than 850 games and over 100 million players.

"We don't have a paid advertising model and we don't have any marketing executives in the company so all of that traffic is through word of mouth," Small told GamesIndustry International in May.

"We still believe wholeheartedly that investing money in building better games reaps far better rewards for us than buying users at some of these horrific prices that you hear in the industry now, I think up to $8 a user. Which is just not part of the DNA of our business."

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Joćo Namorado Project Manager, Portugal Telecom6 years ago
Congratulations! Nice to see this success coming from a team based here in Portugal.

Full disclosure: My company has business partnership with Miniclip.
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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee6 years ago
Well done team! :)
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