King delays IPO amid one-hit wonder concerns

Candy Crush Saga company worried that the game is "too successful," wants to prove it can follow up with more hits

Investors looking to get a piece of Candy Crush Saga will have to wait a while longer. The Telegraph is reporting that mobile game maker King is delaying its initial public offering until sometime next year.

As for why, the report cites concerns that Candy Crush Saga has been "too successful." The company apparently wants to temper concerns among investors that it is following the trajectory of Zynga, which was heavily hyped headed into its IPO based on the performance of FarmVille, but quickly stumbled after its shares hit the open market. Delaying its own IPO will give King an opportunity to establish some of its other projects as hit properties, and put to rest notions that it is a one-hit wonder dependent on the success of a single title.

Citing sources close to King, the Telegraph reports that recently launched King titles like Pet Rescue and Farm Heroes are performing better at this point in their lifespan than Candy Crush Saga did at the comparable stage of its own growth.

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Steve Wetz Reviewer/Assistant Editor, Gamer's Glance4 years ago
For a second there, I thought this story was about Rovio. :-D
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Good motive and caution by Candy Crushems
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 4 years ago
I have always seen Candy Crush as somewhat of a fluke. If I were them I'd IPO as quickly as possible and get the hell out with the sacks of money.

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