EA claims one in three PS4 launch titles

Consumers buying three games per console according to chief financial officer

Electronic Arts is claiming that one in every three games sold for the recently released PlayStation 4 is an EA title.

The new Sony console went on sale last weekend in North America, and according to EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen consumers are buying three games on average for the system.

"We had a great weekend of sales relative to the consoles that looks like the average consumer tie ratio is about three pieces of software for console, which is exactly what we thought and because our Super Slate that we've got out there looks like a one of every three pieces of software was coming out of Electronic Arts," he told the UBS Global Technology Conference.

"So we're really excited. And essentially our biggest worry now is making sure there is enough product in the stores because the consumers obviously want to buy a software to go with the new boxes."

Discussing the difference between sales through retailers and via digital channels, Jorgensen said that although broadband speeds have increased, so have the size of console games, making bricks and mortar still a relevant channel for EA's near future.

"The biggest impediment still appears to be bandwidth coming into the house and while bandwidth speeds have improved dramatically over the last five years, unfortunately because the processing power of the new boxes is so high, the size of games have increased dramatically," he told the audience.

"And so all of the benefits that we got from faster bandwidth is probably eaten up by bigger games. So just to give you an example, Battlefield, on a download into the new PlayStation still takes about six hours."

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Latest comments (4)

Sergiu Badau Wittenberger QA Tester 8 years ago
One in 3 titles... when there are like 5-6 games ? I am not surprised... People will most likely buy some (if not all) games for a console at launch if they don't have a lot to chose from...
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd8 years ago
@ Sergiu There are about 15 PS4 launch games on shelves right now.
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and supposedly 24 games avail including the 3 launch exclusives.
So its down to game players styles of what to test the new consoles with..
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Sergiu Badau Wittenberger QA Tester 8 years ago
Ok, my bad. I was under the impression that there were fewer games on sale. Kudos to them then :)
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