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Nintendo stock rises after mobile investment

But Dwango Co. share buy is ad-related, not content

Nintendo's stock rose by over five per cent yesterday, after the publisher announced a significant stock investment in mobile content company Dwango Co.

Nintendo purchased 612,200 shares in Dwango, pushing the mobile service's stock up by 21 per cent on the TSE. Nintendo's own shares saw a reciprocal 5.2 per cent rise.

However, fans hoping to play the Japanese platform holder's deep catalogue of games on their smartphones shouldn't get over-excited; spokesperson Yasuhiro Minagawa stated clearly that the company has no plans to distribute any IP through Dwango's services, reiterating that Nintendo's games are for Nintendo's platforms.

According to Minagawa, Dwango Chairman Nobuo Kawakami personally asked Nintendo to purchase the shares in order to liquidate some assets. Nintendo currently uses Dwango's network to advertise its games, and will continue to do so.

Dwango was originally a US company best known for providing dial-up access to early online multiplayer games like Doom. When the spread of the internet made that business model obsolete, the company's Japanese branch continued to flourish, moving its focus towards content and publishing before settling in mobile.

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14 - 16 April 2021

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Latest comments (6)

Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
This is why following the stock of a company is largely pointless. Investors barely have any idea what they are investing in nor a clue regarding the implicit impact of corporate actions.
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@Jim Indeed. Then multiply that disruption by a factor of 10 million and you have the stock market. I love how we're encouraged to think these guys are Masters Of The Universe.
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Christophe Danguien games developer 7 years ago
Nintendo's games are for Nintendo's platforms -> Maybe Nintendo will release a Phone ;-) , how awesome would that be
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises7 years ago
It would make me ridiculously happy if Nintendo released a phone with a d-pad, some buttons, and a 5" screen.
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Andy Samson QA Supervisor, Digital Media Exchange7 years ago
Brace yourselves for the Big N's next gen portable, the Nintendo Pocket Note. Comes in 2D and 3D flavors. Arrives in North America, Holiday 2016.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Nice move here by Nintendo
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