PS4 beating Xbox One on purchase interest worldwide

Interpret study finds Sony's console leading even in territories where Xbox 360 comfortably beat PS3

In September, a US consumer poll found PlayStation 4 comfortably leading Xbox One when it came to purchase intent. Sony's advantage on that front doesn't appear to be limited to the US, as research firm Interpret today released results from its semi-annual GameByte study of gamers in key markets.

Interpret found that PS4 purchase interest led the Xbox One across the board. While Sony would be expected to outpace Microsoft in Japan and a number of European countries, Interpret pointed out that the PS4 drew more purchase interest even in places where the Xbox 360 was a clear winner in the current generation.

"Purchase interest at launch does not directly translate into long term success," Interpret senior VP of research Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai told GamesIndustry International. "We all know what happened to the Wii, which had pretty low consumer purchase intent at launch. Many other factors will go into the long term success of a console including exclusives, perceived value, and increasingly the 'network effect' etc. However, these numbers provide a good indication of consumer interest at launch, a direct result of early marketing efforts and messaging effectiveness."


Interpret's study findings

Cai said that Sony's clear messaging and showings at E3 and Gamescom have done well to build momentum for the PS4 worldwide, but the study's findings suggest the battle to bring in new customers to the PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems will be less one-sided.

"When we looked at whether these potential purchasers own a current-gen equivalent, it's interesting to see that in the US and UK, a larger percentage of PS4 intenders don't own a PS3, but in all other markets, a larger percentage of Xbox One intenders don't own the current-gen equivalent," Cai said. "In other words, in the two strong Xbox markets, US and UK, PS4 seems to be better positioned to attract new PS buyers or convert Xbox owners and in other markets, Xbox One might attract more fresh blood."

One more point of interest for Interpret was the next-gen consoles' performance in less traditional markets like Russia and South Korea. Gamers in both countries expressed unexpectedly high interest in the PS4 and Xbox One. Some 31 percent of Korean gamers were interested in buying the PS4, with 26 percent interested in buying an Xbox One. Those numbers were the highest of any country except the United States, which saw 48 percent interest in PS4 and 42 percent in Xbox One.

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Mihai Cozma Indie Games Developer 4 years ago
It is surprising how much damage did Microsoft get from that bad launch at E3.
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Well, lets see how this plays out. Ironically, I think the biggest beneficiary could be Nintendo - as they stop having to complete with promises and vapourware - and people can truly compare all of the systems.

As I mentioned previously, I still think this all comes down to the US. Take out the gamers that will buy all the systems.

If Sony can beat MS on their home turf ... even 1.5:1 or 2:1 ... then Europe will be worse. Not so sure about the UK & Australia.
And then Japan will hit, where is surely going to be another 10:1.

So much relies on the sales in the first 3-6 months, and especially in the US.
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Fundamentally, the original XBone development executives fought to go down their "media center" initiative - building a machine that offers services, rather than a powerful game platform. A factor in why we are in the middle of 'resolution-gate', or hearing that some developers are having real problems moving from PS4 to XBone development.

Let's just look at the situation this way - if the XBone launch is overshadowed, then that could be a game changer for the future of console publishing, as the budgets to support console development is just too high! And the player do not care about the business model, they care about the game!
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