Sony confirms Driveclub delay

Evolution Studios' launch title now due "early 2014"

Sony has confirmed rumoured news that Evolution Studios' Driveclub, previously a PS4 launch title, has been delayed until early 2014.

A post on the PlayStation blog explained the move, citing a need to allow the team "more time in order to deliver on their vision".

"This decision also affects PlayStation Plus members' Instant Game Collection for launch," the post continues. "To be clear, Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition will still be part of the Instant Game Collection when it is released.

"We understand that the delay is disappointing news, but can assure you that the reason we have made this decision is to ensure that when Driveclub launches, it will realize the next gen racing vision. And PlayStation 4 gamers will have no shortage of titles to play this year. At launch alone, we have Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, to name but a few, as well as the incredible list of Indie games coming to PS4. A broad portfolio of games will be available on PS4 before the end of the year, and with games such as Infamous Second Son, The Order 1886, Destiny, Watch Dogs and now Driveclub coming next year, the strength of the software line-up on PS4 is unprecedented."

Driveclub is the second major next-gen release to be delayed this week, with Ubisoft pushing Watch Dogs back to 2014 for more polish, too.

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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd6 years ago
I would say the PS4's launch lineup is very precedented, and I don't really understand Sony's claim that they are offering something extraordinary that people haven't seen before.

People, including myself, are excited about the PS4 because it's well-priced and has lots of future game potential, but the existing announced library is mostly last-gen multiplats, and they certainly don't have much to brag about when they lose one of only three first party launch exclusives to next year...
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Brian Allen Staff Writer 6 years ago
That makes me sad, I was looking forward to that one. I'm really not sure what I'll be playing at launch now.
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Robert Barrow Information Security Analyst 6 years ago
When I think back to my first month or so with my PS3 and 360, all I remember are RFoM and Perfect Dark Zero. So all things considered this time around we are being spoilt rotten by not only having a plethora of diverse titles to choose from but also from the quality of those titles.

If games are slipping in order to be improved then all strength to them I say!!
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They (MS and Sony) over extended themselves in order to plicate investor concerns over a weak sister Gen-8 console release against a strong PC drive, now the reality has hit and each drawback hurts their presence. Gen-8 consolse looking like a make-or-break decision for the current exrcutive pool - wonder where they will jump before launch?
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Sandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up6 years ago
As has been said on other threads, I think all producers of next gen titles have thought what is so special about our game and what makes it play and appear next gen given what has just been released. There have been some big claims made in the run up to this so it has to be special.

The business model for next gen based around a games simply looking and sounding better is suspect in my view. Next gen for me is where steam has been for some time. Indies with lower production costs coupled with a platform to reach a wide market.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Sandy Lobban on 22nd October 2013 12:26pm

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