Disney Infinity sees 1 million toy box downloads in 2 weeks

"We are completely blown away by the teens and adults that are into the platform"

Disney Infinity players have shown their appetite for user created content, downloading a massive amount of in-game toy boxes after a recent promotion.

Executive producer John Vignocchi told Polygon that after a recent content creation competition for players, gamers downloaded over a million user created free toy boxes in two weeks.

"Our data shows that the players who are engaging in user-generated content are ten times more likely to continue to play Infinity than those who don't. It's wild when you look at the data and you can see that direct correlation."

"The primary demographic is kids, but we are completely blown away by the teens and adults that are into the platform and are part of the community."

Disney Infinity was released in August and mixes physical toys and open world creation. In its first two weeks on sale in the US it sold 294,000 copies.

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Thomas Dolby Project Manager / Lead Programmer, Ai Solve8 years ago
It's yet again proof that if you create a good game and give tools to the community, it can do wonders for your game. You only have to look at examples like Half Life 1/2, Minecraft and the earlier Battlefield games to see what user created content can do for lifespan and engagement. In some games like the Total War series and the Elder Scrolls games it proves to be a sort of safety net, with the community of those games being able to tweak, customise and fix things as they see fit.
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