WB Games expanding Montreal studio by 100 devs

Quebec invests $63 million into Batman: Arkham Origins studio to up headcount within five years

The Quebec government continues to invest in its local game development scene. As reported by CTV, Quebec Premier Pauline Marois today announced that the province is committing $63 million in grant money and incentives to help WB Games Montreal as the studio has committed to increase its headcount by 100 new staffers within the next five years.

The studio is best known as the developer behind the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. It has previously developed the Lego Legends of Chima Online game, as well as the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City. The new jobs are expected to pay about $70,000 annually to employees who will average 30 years old. The studio currently employs 325 permanent staffers.

Quebec has a history of providing government support and incentives to the game industry, with Ubisoft among the largest beneficiaries. Earlier this week, the publisher announced plans to expand its Montreal studio by 500 jobs, thanks to a $9.9 million grant from Quebec and an expansion of the provincial tax credit for multimedia development.

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Wish someone would give me 63 million. I would guarantee 100 new jobs in 5 weeks, not 5 years.
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The point was more about the incestual relationship government and certain corps have. Its basically govt corporate welfare, the govt using public money to hand pick winners and losers in private industry, instead of just letting the market decide. Why not give 63 startup software companies in quebec 1 million dollar grants each, you dont think after 5 years that would lead to way more than 100+ jobs? or how about governments just stay out of picking winners and losers, and just pick up the garbage on time, build roads when necessary,and create a business friendly environent where new businesses arent choked with regs and taxes

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if the government gets involved, it doesnt pick winners, it creates winners. How can you not win if the gov gives you 63 million and not your competition? 100 jobs is nice but its incredbily small potatoes, if just 1 or 2 of those fictional 63 startup worked, thats more than 100 jobs right there. Statistically large job growth growth comes from new startup companies, not entrenched ones.

I dont see how you can be happy about 100 jobs coming at a cost of 630,000 bucks a piece from govt corp welfare.
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My last comment is. The governments dont have the money to spend, Debt crisis the world over. Governments dont offer guys like you and me and our companies millions for free because we simply dont have a politician in our pocket like large corps do.

And to be honest I wouldnt have too big an issue with this if it was a low interest business loan, but it isnt, it's a grant, free money. Grants are a good idea for non profits, for research, for stable needed large public projects. Not giving money to a for profit private business in a totally unstable industry. Its just a small sample of everything that is wrong with the economies the world over. It just stuck in my crawl today.

Thanks for the discussion however.
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