Significant layoffs to hit Capcom Europe - report

Europe follows US with restructuring amid market turmoil

Capcom Europe is to be hit by the company's wider restructuring, with a report in the paper edition of MCV (reprinted by Videogamer) suggesting almost half of all jobs could go.

When contacted by GamesIndustry International, Capcom would only confirm the European arm is undergoing restructuring, stating: "Following a restructure at its US operation, Capcom's European organisation is currently evaluating its structure to ensure it is in the best position to take advantage of the changing market conditions the industry is facing."

The publisher has spent this year trimming its business significantly. It will no longer use external game development teams and has cancelled a number of titles in production.

Last month in the Capcom annual report it went into detail about poor console sales and how it hopes to pivot to a more digital-orientated business. The company has $152 million in cash, but it intends to hire 100 staff for each consumer, online and mobile teams by the end of fiscal 2014.

Capcom's latest release, Lost Planet 3, failed to make an impact in the UK charts, entering at number 26. In Japan the game sold 27,000 units on release.

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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 4 years ago
Capcom is acting more and more like a game publisher than a developer...
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Isaiah Taylor Writer/Photographer 4 years ago
I saw that the Dead Or Alive and Tekken teams making strides in how to monetize a free-to-play version of their fighting game franchise, wondering when Capcom will circle around to this model and how that will effect those respective communities and tournaments in the future.
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Chris Murphy Community & Live Manager, Ubisoft4 years ago
To be perfectly honest, I was beginning to wonder whether or not they even had a publishing presence in Europe. It seems to me like their focus has been massively on NA/Asia, and their EU presence was little more than a token attempt.

Case in point. I really enjoyed LP2...but was completely unaware of the fact that LP3 has already been published...
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I hate HR craptastic lingo like " restructuring". It just adds insult to injury for those let go that companies always release some half ass PR mumbo jumbo announcing their layoffs. In my perfect world, HR should be the first to go.

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