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PS4 has "phenomenal" production yields

Sony's Jack Tretton says system launch will be company's biggest ever

The PlayStation 4 is set for launch November 15, and Sony has already said its big challenge will be simply producing enough supply to meet consumer demand for the system. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO and president had some good news on that front, appearing on Fox Business' 3 Days in the Valley to promote what he said would be the "biggest launch in history."

"It's everything we can manufacture," Tretton said when asked about preorder numbers. "We want to make sure that consumers have an opportunity to buy one on November 15 and through the holidays so we're holding back some inventory to make sure that people have an opportunity to buy one that come in on launch day. But we can pre-sell every unit we can manufacture, and the good news is production yields have been phenomenal. So this will be by a magnitude of a lot the biggest launch we've ever had."

Tretton said Sony would probably not be updating the public on preorder numbers before launch. Last month, Sony said it had more than 1 million reservations for the system.

"There's so much pent-up demand for it that we could sell every one we create," Tretton said.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee8 years ago

Say goodbye to needless crusades in console architecture. These systems are not only easier to develop for, the designs will be simpler to produce. Still, there were a few people left over who were actually surprised Cell processor got axed.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Adam Campbell on 12th September 2013 8:07pm

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Anastasios Hatzis Community Manager 8 years ago
I wonder how many XBox One have been pre-ordered. Has Microsoft announced anything or do we know the recent ratio between PS4 and XB1 pre-orders?
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 8 years ago
Well, that's a question that needs a lot of questions asked to answer

Xbox One pre-orders are well below PS4 in terms of raw units. Last I checked my local GameStop was 100ish PS4s and 25 X1

Xbox One units AVAILABLE to be pre-ordered are significantly lower, because Microsoft is not allowing a huge, unspecified percentage of them to be done so so they can take advantage of what they're expecting, and marketing to be a lot of walkins who would never think about pre-ordering things. No matter what they say, some people are probably getting stiffed on launch day, but I doubt that every single person who pre-ordered won't have a console in time for Christmas.It's not going to be the 360 where they didn't fill the finals till March.

So given the uneven playing field, it's really a hard question to answer

What we do know:

Xbox One is harder to manufacture than PS4. PS4 is very akin to the first Xbox, in that it's a bunch of PC parts tossed on a board and into a box. This is not a dig before anyone takes it as such.Xbox has all those co-processors and that monster custom cooler, all of which make it more complicated to make. So can Microsoft crank consoles as fast as Sony? Likely not, but they're also focusing on a smaller initial footprint, so any differences in yield may not be that noticeably different I will tell you that the next guaranteed drop date after launch for PS4 is in mid-December, while Microsoft expects at least several a week to major retailers. Again. This may not mean anything when it comes to raw units, just a different method of divvying them up
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