Playdemic, Kobojo, Soshi all sign up to support Peace Games

PlayMob leads industry involvement in global initiative

Playmob has announced a slew of developers who'll be supporting its Peace Games initiative - a drive to help spread the message of World Peace Day through the medium of games.

Kobojo, Soshi and Playdemic are all on board for the event, which takes place on September 21, 2013. The event hopes to change the perception of gaming as a negative medium, showing that it can be used to promote positive causes and effect change.

Developers backing the scheme are selling in-game items related to the promotion of peace, the profits from which will all be donated to the cause. Soshi games will be supporting the drive with musical quiz title Clue the Music whilst Kobojo's fighting game Mutants: Genetic Gladiators will feature a custom-made 'Captain Peace' character. Playdemic's Facebook title Village Life will also be raising money for the Peace One Day charity behind the movement.

"Peace Games is an industry initiative created to champion game developers within the month of September to showcase a unified front for supporting worthwhile causes in a non violent capacity," said Playmob's Parker Crockford. "This a unique opportunity for gamers to raise money for a global charity projects in their favourite games. So signup now and let's make a difference!"

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Chris Dye Senior Community, CRM and CS Manager, Kobojo4 years ago
Everyone here at Kobojo is excited to be supporting and promoting the Peace Games Initiative via our Exclusive 'Captain Peace' mutant in - Mutants: Genetic Gladiators, Lets make World Peace Day a success!

Chris & the team @ Kobojo Games
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