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New vice president for Stardock Entertainment

Derek Paxton gets promotion, "has really transformed the game studio," says CEO

Former modder Derek Paxton is the new vice president of Stardock Entertainment, a role that will see him manage all future games development at the Sins of a Solar Empire developer and publisher.

"I'm looking forward to the incredible opportunity to lead a studio with a legacy of creating award-winning strategy games," he said.

"Games are a passion for everyone who works at Stardock Entertainment and it's an honour to be able to work with such talented developers, artists and designers. I look forward to continuing the tradition of creating incredible games with the amazing team at Stardock."

Before joining Stardock in November 2010, Paxton made his name creating the Fall from Heaven mod for Civilization IV. At Stardock he's overseen two Elemental titles, acting as producer and designer on Fallen Enchantress and Legendary Heroes.

"Derek has really transformed the game studio," added president and CEO Brad Wardell.

"His experience at managing multiple projects combined with his amazing design skills has resulted in not just better games but a better working environment for our teams."

Paxton revealed more about his new role and new responsibilities in an interview with PC Gamer.

"As head of the game studio, my responsibility is to manage everybody here on the team," he explained.

"Brad wears a lot of hats. He's the CEO of the company. He's my boss. There are a lot of things that Stardock does. We'll be talking about more things we have coming down the pipe in the next few weeks. But for me it's taking care of the Stardock Entertainment side-anything to do with gaming. Hiring people, managing the various teams we have, and making sure that they're all taken care of so that Brad can focus on more big picture stuff."

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Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Brian Clair Director of Publishing, Stardock8 years ago
Slight correction, but Ironclad Games is the developer of Sins of a Solar Empire. ;)
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