EVE Online lead designer joins Riot Games

Kristoffer Touborg departs CCP after five years, joins Riot's Dublin office

EVE Online's lead designer, Kristoffer Touborg, will leave CCP Games to work on League of Legends.

Touborg, who worked for CCP for more than five years, announced the decision to move on through his Facebook page. He will join the team at Riot Games' Dublin office, which opened in October 2010.

"You can't do the same thing forever... and I feel like after more than five years, it's time to try something new," Touborg said.

"I feel a bit lucky that I get to work on not just one of my favorite games, but two of them. I don't think I could have asked for anything more, and it's pretty humbling to go from one love to another. A few years ago, my overwhelming interest was the EVE universe; now it's League of Legends and the competitive scene there."

And Riot Games is evidently a great place to work. In addition to operating one of the biggest games in the world and leading the line in the current eSports boom, the company was ranked the fourth best employer in a recent survey of tech companies - the only game company to make the top 25.

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Am I the only one confused by this? According to Riot's website their Dublin office covers player and technical support, localisation, esports and community management - I didn't think they did any actual development there. Unless they're expanding their dev team...?
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Shaun Farol Studying Computer Information Systems, California Polytechnic State University5 years ago
Kristoffer Touborg aka "CCP Soundwave" wore quite a few hats. He was a lead game designer but much of EVE's fanbase knows him from the presentations he did at fanfest and as the host of EVE Online's Alliance Tournament. In the most recent few patches it seems the most visible of his game design elements of his jobs have been handed off to others so joining Riot to do esports/community management wouldn't be too far off from his old position.
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