EA to close Battleforge next month

Online card game will be "retired" following closure of EA Phenomic

Battleforge, the online card game from EA Phenomic, will close at the end of October.

Battleforge launched in March 2009, and was branded as a "Play4Free" title two months later. The game's servers will close on October 31. All players have been advised to spend their remaining in-game currency before that deadline.

EA's stated criteria for "retiring" online games is when traffic falls below 1 per cent of the total peak players across its entire portfolio. However, Battleforge is an exceptional case due to the closure of its developer, EA Phenomic, in July.

At the time of the closure, an EA representative told GamesIndustry International that the decision was taken to, "to better focus our teams against priority growth areas."

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Latest comments (5)

Chris Madsen4 years ago
sooo... what about those who paid for some points to get some more cards and such?
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James Barnard Founder / Developer, Springloaded4 years ago
The closing of these games, is going to have a major impact on the long term viability of free to play as a medium. Its a horrible cash grabbing approach, that takes money from the consumers when the going is good, then shuts the door on the most loyal players....I don't understand why they can't leave the game running with no updates...the tail should be factored in to the games long term cost estimates.
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Xander "Fluke" Dent Games Journalism, Technical Support and Cat-Herding. 4 years ago
To leave the game running would incur server and infrastructure costs.
Two negatives of a large company like EA make closures more likely to occur as a game shrinks;
A loyal few aren't enough to cover the maintenance costs with a company that has as much red tape as EA.
A company with such a large contingent of "shareholder focussed" employees would be unwilling to cover the costs for the game/IP's sake.

It's a shame when it happens to any game that people enjoy, but such is the unfortunate nature of the beast when our chosen form of art/entertainment/escape is increasingly nothing more than another revenue stream to tap. I'm not going to flog a dead horse's near picked-clean skeleton any longer, you know what I'm driving at.
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Chris Murphy Community & Live Manager, Ubisoft4 years ago
Having worked on BattleForge for two and a half years, I'm saddened to see the title go. With that said, the fact that it had remained running for so long is a testament to the guys at Phenomic. They really did everything they could for the game. BattleForge was ahead of its time, there's no doubt about it. Had the game released as a F2P title a year later than its actual release date (once more core gamers had adjusted to the idea of quality core F2P titles), I have no doubt that it would have been huge.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 4 years ago
Offline modes, people... these games MUST have some sot of way top play offline. Imagine being able to buy actual cards and combine them with a video game/board game. This looked so damn cool when I saw it a few years back and I recall asking why it didn't have a way to play offline like other card-based games. Ah well... maybe someone will bend an earhole my way one of these days. I like it when people are working and getting paid, not looking for work when this stuff occurs...
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