Titanfall, Battlefront replacing Medal of Honor in EA shooter cycle

Publisher planning to rely on Respawn and Star Wars efforts to help out between Battlefield releases

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts confirmed it was putting Medal of Honor on the shelf, leaving a question as to how it would capitalize on demand for shooters in years when it didn't have a Battlefield release. Speaking with CVG at Gamescom, EA Labels head Frank Gibeau said the company is now working on a new rotation of shooter franchises.

"The shooter rotation we think about now is Battlefield, Titanfall and Battlefront, and so we like those three brands going forward," Gibeau said. "We're working out how we're going to line that up because that's what you'll see from us."

Battlefield 4 is set for release this October, with Titanfall to follow in the spring of 2014. Star Wars: Battlefront is tentatively set for a 2015 summer launch alongside the next Star Wars movie. As for Medal of Honor, Gibeau gave no reason to hope for a quick return to the series, saying, "you try things in entertainment and if they don't work you try something else."

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Latest comments (7)

Caleb Hale Journalist 6 years ago
I'm guessing then Titanfall finds its way over to the PlayStation 4 late next year, and by the time Titanfall 2 arrives EA drops any air of exclusivity with the Xbox One?
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Kevin Hillary writer/videographer 6 years ago
I'm thinking the same thing no way they plan to fill the shoes of Medal of Honor with it being on one console this coming gen.
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Not if MS keeps sending over those nice checks from that 1 billion gaming budget. Titanfall would most likely stay an xbox family exclusive.
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 6 years ago
Rumors already show that TitanFall will indeed come out for PS4. However if anybody here has any legit sources for these rumors please let me know. I would love to buy this game howver Im not going to purchase an XboxOne just for it. If it does come out for PS4 its a sure purchase for me.

However I cant see TitanFall remaining exclusive to XboxOne. Its too big of a game, and brand to be stuck to one console. I hope that whatever agreement microsoft has with respawn is worth more than the amount of potential gamers that would play the game had it come out for other platforms.
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Khash Firestorm Senior Programmer, MuHa Games6 years ago
many big titles were exclusive for one console in previous cycle so I can see Titan as one of them. hardware wise consoles are too similar so MS and Sony need to differ by buying exclusiveness - the only way to truly make a difference in upcoming generation.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd6 years ago
The contract with Respawn leaked over a year ago, and includes an option for PlayStation development after the Xbox and PC releases. It will very likely come to PS4 by the end of next year.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 6 years ago
I hope this means that these games will only come out once every three years as opposed to every other year. As for Titanfall, if this follows Microsoft's normal timed exclusive deals then it will remain exclusive to their consoles for atleast a year from launch. So if Titanfall isn't launching until spring of 2014 then it most likely will not be appearing on any other systems(beyond XB1, 360, PC) until spring 2015 at the earliest. Atleast thats what happened with Mass Effect 2 and the GTA IV dlc.
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