PS4 launches Nov. 15 in North America, Nov. 29 in Europe

Sony confirms 1 million preorders for next-gen system, announces discounts for next-gen upgrades on big games

The PlayStation 4 will launch in North America November 15, with a European bow to follow on November 29. Sony confirmed the release dates today as part of its Gamescom press conference, adding that the system will roll out in a total of 32 countries this holiday season.

Before announcing the dates, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House also touted the company's success in building anticipation for the system. To date, he said the PS4 has attracted more than 1 million preorders globally.

House also used the event to unveil a new next-gen upgrade program, saying gamers who purchase the PS3 versions of select games will be able to buy digital versions of their next-gen counterparts at "a significantly discounted price."

Games already confirmed for the program include Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. House said Sony is also working to expand the number of publishers participating in the discount deals.

Similar upgrade incentives have been offered for Xbox One titles lately. Amazon and GameStop both have programs allowing players who purchase an Xbox 360 version of select games to trade that title in toward the purchase of an Xbox One edition, which they can they obtain for $10.

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Whilst different regional release dates may make it "easier" to manage, frankly to me it's always smacked of being simply unprofessional to me, that a company of this size lacks the organisational ability to multi-region release major products is hardly a positive impression to give of your company.
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Frank Trottier Analyst programmer 8 years ago
They could release multi-region, they chose to save wait a second.. hoo all those comments just for 15 days haha back in the days it was months if I remember. You will spare the rush bugs indeed. Well just checked the release dates of SNES: Japan 21 novembre 1990 ; US and Can: 13 août 1991 ; Euro :11 avril 1992. Obviously they did not have the infrastructure we have today. Today if you fart China knows it the next business day. The wind of change.

Edit: Sorry I'm very amateur at being professional.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Frank Trottier on 20th August 2013 9:55pm

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
@Frank: You wins part of the internet today. I actually PREFER the old days when a console hit Japan first, and we got to see the great games and crap games (many of which we'd never get back then that might get localized now - maybe) AND have actual anticipation about new systems and titles based on scouring import game mags or other sources or maybe importing a console to play games we knew were never popping up in the west.

Now, there seems to be a lack of actual excitement other than the adrenaline rush some get from complaining about staggered releases from all corners of the map. Eh, whatever - it's not like the earth will explode between those two dates, right?

(Hmm... then again...)
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 8 years ago
Are they launching in Japan before or after those dates?
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Andreia Quinta Photographer 8 years ago
As they say back home, 'the first corn is for the sparrows'. Best timing to buy something of this caliber is after the first year of release. The library's expanded more, shit games are known from the good ones, bugs, glitches & hardware issues are mostly patched out and/or known, interesting bundles might show up.
There's no advantage to the consumer other than bragging rights and knowing you're playing next gen stuff I suppose.

Plus, with my Steam, PS2 and X360 backlog another year won't be nearly enough :)
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Gareth O'Neill Environment Artist (Contract), Ubisoft Reflections8 years ago
Not that I intend to be negative towards Microsoft but.....
Similar upgrade incentives have been offered for Xbox One titles lately. Amazon and GameStop both have programs allowing players who purchase an Xbox 360 version of select games to trade that title in toward the purchase of an Xbox One edition, which they can they obtain for $10.
Ironic considering the original Plans they had before all the 180's to try to eradicate trade ins, now it's being used as a deal sweetener.
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Christopher Garratty Associate Counsel, Activision Blizzard8 years ago
Works for me. The two week delay means launch is just after payday rather than halfway through. Makes my finances much easier to manage. Also, it's two weeks, sheesh! Calm down internet. :)
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Pete Thompson Editor 8 years ago
My personal view on this is that in this day and age of global logistics, the fact that those of us in Europe always come as an afterthought (except for Call of Duty releases and maybe another 1 or 2 titles that are same day worldwide) when it comes to gaming hardware and software being released is a bit of a joke, quite annoying and getting old fast!..

From an (independent) UK/Europe gaming website owners point of view 2 weeks is a long time and may as well be a year!, by the time we get the console in Europe it would have been reviewed to death, as would all of the launch titles.. Sony done the same to us with the PS3 which released in Nov 2006 in the US and 23rd March 2007 in Europe...

If the biggest release in terms of sales (CoD franchise) can launch globally same day every year, then all other titles should be able to follow suit...

Almost every retail game that's released is released in North America before the UK & Europe. Gamer's in Europe and the UK are just as keen to play new games as they are in North America, and as such shouldn't keep being treated as second class or an afterthought..

@ Steven Hodgson: It's a playstation, so there will always be system updates and title update after system / title updates before you can play your new game or browse the PSN Store.. ;-)
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I'll be keen to get a PS4 ... in a year or two, once my backlog subsides and I have some time for gaming. Unless MS pull something amazing out, XBone is off my radar forever.
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Chris Sweetman Sound Designer/Audio Director 8 years ago
Exactly as I suspected...consoles are not dead, despite people shouting from the rooftops to the contrary !!
Excited about both consoles and for the first time ever expecting to own both !
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Aaron Brown BA Computer Science Student, Carnegie Mellon University8 years ago
@Gareth O'Neil

It is interesting. Sony's decision to allow used game sales during E3 decimated Microsoft, and branded them as the 'bad guys'.

Now that Microsoft have changed their stance on used game sales, they have no choice but to go all in to try and sway current 360 owners from jumping ship and joining the Sony Camp.

This discount is great incentive. But it is funny how it lies in stark contrast with the policies they sought to impose pre E3.
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Us non US citizens do not want to be treated as second class. All consoles should have simultaneous worldwide releases. 2 weeks is extra advantage to BF4 or online related games.
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