Apple: iPhones up, iPads down

31 million smartphones sold is a new quarterly record, but Apple's revenues were flat while profits and tablet sales dipped

Depending on how one wants to make the numbers sound, Apple sales were up either $300 million for its last quarter, or less than 1 percent year-over-year. The company today announced its results for the third fiscal quarter (three months ended June 29), showing revenues rose the aforementioned amount to $35.3 billion, up from $35 billion in the same period the year prior.

Despite the uptick in sales, profits for the company were down. Apple reported $6.9 billion in net income, down from $8.824 billion the year before.

Sales of the iPhone were particularly strong, with Apple reporting a new record for the quarter with 31 million iPhones sold, up from 26 million year-over-year. The iPad did not fare as well, as Apple sold 14.6 million tablets for the quarter, down from 17 million over the same stretch of 2012. Mac sales also dipped slightly, from 4 million to 3.8 million.

Apple left the door open for a strong finish to the year, providing revenue guidance between $34 billion and $37 billion for the fourth quarter, which ends September 29. Last year the company reported its best fourth quarter sales ever, which came in just under $36 billion.

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 4 years ago
Apple made $6.9 billion for the quarter. Samsung made $8.33 billion.
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Andrew Wafer CEO, Pixel Toys4 years ago
Hardly surprising iPad sales are down on last year's quarter. There was a new iPad mid March last year, no new iPad yet this year.
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Matt Walker Production Coordinator, Capcom4 years ago
Samsung WINS! \ ^o^ /
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Mbuso Radebe Producer, Capcom Vancouver4 years ago
@Andrew - Technically there was a 4th gen iPad that was released along with the Mini in November last year.
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Andrew Wafer CEO, Pixel Toys4 years ago
@Mbuso Yes, but that was last year, not immediately before Q2, which would appear to have made the difference.
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Mbuso Radebe Producer, Capcom Vancouver4 years ago
@Andrew - Point taken. It will be interesting to see if Apple decides to release an all new consumer device this year to shake things up.
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