6 weeks on top for The Last Of Us

Only one new entry on UK software chart this week

Naughty Dog deserves an extra bone this week, because not only has The Last Of Us retained the top spot for the sixth week running, it's now matched the consecutive records set by multi-format titles Call Of Duty: Black Ops II and FIFA 12.

There was only one new entry on the chart this week, Dynasty Warriors 8, which is the fourth best launch week so far for the series. Re-entries on the chart inlucded Max Payne 3, which made an impressive jump from 23 to 7 thanks to promotions that gave it a 135 per cent increase in sales. Rockstar also scored re-entries with Grand Theft Auto Episodes: Liberty City and Red Dead Redemption: Game Of The Year Edition.

UKIE Games Charts courtesy of GfK Chart-Track

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
11The Last Of Us
52Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
33Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros
24Animal Crossing: New Leaf
New entry5Dynasty Warriors 8
66Far Cry 3
Re-entry7Max Payne 3
118The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition
49FIFA 13
910Tomb Raider
711Call Of Duty: Black Ops II
1212LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes
813Assassin's Creed III
1714Grand Theft Auto IV
1315Need For Speed Most Wanted
1416Luigi's Mansion 2
Re-entry17Grand Theft Auto Episodes - Liberty City
Re-entry18Red Dead Redemption: Game Of The Year Edition
2019LEGO Lord Of The Rings
1520The Sims 3: Island Paradise

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John Karageorgiou consultant 8 years ago
I have just started playing The Last of Us, and can honestly say that I am in awe on the sheer quality of the game and the enormous effort placed on story-telling and narrative. It is games such as this that clearly outline the differences in scale and scope between the casual gaming market and the console-based market and wish Naughty Dog much success in their future endeavours.
Naughty Dog are a huge ambassador for the Sony PS brand, and Sony know that they have a very sound investment in this enormously talented studio.
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Jonathan McEnroe Freelance 2D artist 8 years ago
Well deserved! Amazing game! :)
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development8 years ago
@Jim. I hope you get this as that other piece has fallen below the fold.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.8 years ago
Paul, I actually agree completely with Gamasutra's decision. The relevancy of NPD has reduced greatly over the year due to their inability to provide sales of digitally distributed games. And their reports often draw a very negative light onto the sales of video games due to the misrepresentation of the whole.

That doesn't mean they aren't valid from a brick and mortar retail context. But if a media outlet wishes to continue reporting NPD figures they do need to ensure that context is expressed. In fact, they should have been doing that for the past few years but few ever do. I myself have even had to point that out in a few of's own articles.

It is indeed an unfair representation of the digital market (console and mobile). Which further stresses my point that mobile and console are not enemies but accomplices...especially when it comes to adequate reporting of sales data. With console, you get a skewed look at just retail. With mobile, you hear about the big fish making millions per day. Everything else is just unavailable as data or ignored as not important enough for a headline.

I sympathize with your plight against the subjective, unfair and biased media reporting. Every Nintendo fan can relate to that. But those circumstance should not redirect your angst toward the object they unfairly herald (in your case, my case, Sony and MS). Being passionate about your segment doesn't mean being vitriolic towards the other. I have a feeling that you can understand that better than some of your colleagues.
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development8 years ago
I don't actually remember moaning at consoles, you can see in my piece I confess to owning two, one of which you'd approve of. It's the mainstream media in my crosshairs. (Not that that's ever a wise thing to aim at.)
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