Sky's NOW TV headed for PS3

"Adding Sky's amazing content via NOW TV to the PS3's services is a real boon for our millions of UK customers"

Sky's NOW TV service is now available on the PlayStation 3, offering Sky Movies and Sky Sports to UK users without the need for a contract.

"Adding Sky's amazing content via NOW TV to the PlayStation 3's services is a real boon for our millions of UK customers," said Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Fergal Gara.

"Streaming great and exclusive sports and movie content to the family TV is a huge enhancement to the PlayStation entertainment portfolio."

The move will give PlayStation 3 users the option to purchase packages like the 9.99 Sky Sports Day pass, or to subscribe to the film package for 15 a month. Other Sky channels like Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts and Sky Living will be added to NOW TV later in the year.

The service has been available on Xbox 360 since August 2012.

"More and more consumers are demanding easy access to a greater choice of high-quality entertainment over internet-connected devices - and NOW TV is here to meet that demand," added NOW TV director Gidon Katz.

"Following the addition of PlayStation 3, our customers now have another way of streaming to their main TV screen, while continuing to enjoy access out and about via iPad and smartphones. At the same time as we're rolling NOW TV out to new platforms and devices, we're also preparing to increase the range and choice of great Sky content that our customers can access."

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By Brendan Sinclair

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Sam Maxted Journalist / Community / Support 4 years ago
NOW TV and their "offers" are a joke. I won't go into the full details here, but they've prompted me to switch ISPs as I don't want to give any more money to Sky, or companies owned by them.
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Christopher Garratty Associate Counsel, Activision Blizzard4 years ago
Ok Sky, here's how it is. Give me the option to get Atlantic, and JUST Atlantic at a sensible price with no commitment so I can watch Game of Thrones on demand without getting an actual Sky subscription and you can have my money. I'm thinking like 6 a month for the three months it's on, or 2 an episode if you want to go full pay per view. I'll be buying the blu-ray boxset when it comes out as well so this is just a chance to squeeze more cash out of me.
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